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Mike Humble:
We normally use bank bill pay to send a "check" and as a rally master have received several registrations like Gerald says

Roy Warren Co-Admin:
My wife and I made our own registration form and saved it in MS word.  The only changes we make (we left them blank) were the Rally, dates and costs including deposit.  You can send it by e-mail as an attachment if you don't have a printer.  Good luck and hope to see you at a rally in the future.
Roy Warren

Bill Lampkin:
Thanks to all; We've tried the bill pay method, unfortunately, my bank dropped the individual check option. And I have saved the info in a word document, just seems like these days when you can order whatever in the world with one click, it would be easier to register and pay for a rally. Will forge ahead with what we have, and thanks to all you rally masters out there doing all the hard work so we can all have fun. We will see you when this Covid thing is over!

Gerald Farris:
Since you stated that you not only wanted to register for a rally online, but you wanted to pay for it online, there is another problem that you did not seem to recognize, and that is cost. We have used online payment for a few of or inexpensive rallies like Quartzsite, via PayPal (the only option to such a small operation), and we ate the 3% cost, but we only received 3 online payments out of 70 attendees. That was a lot of effort for very little participation. Then we get to the cost that I think was 3% which is only $1.50 on a $50 rally, but that is $15 on a $500 rally, so who pays that, and who does all of the extra work of setting up the account and monitoring it. Rallymasters are not a retail business that are designed to operate online at a profit. They are fellow club members who are are planning a party for you at cost only. Rallies are never designed to show a profit.     


David T. Richelderfer:
Generally, checking accounts at banks have an online bill pay option.  I have used the Bank of America (B of A) to pay my bills, almost all of my bills.  In several years, I have physically written about two checks per year and then have to pay the US Mail to deliver the checks.  B of A allows the account owner to setup the bill pay option and it's easy - simply enter the pay-to person or business, their address, and a few other details.  When a bill is paid, all that is necessary to enter is the amount to pay and the date to have the payment delivered.  B of A writes and delivers a check through the US Mail or, if the receiver has an ebill option, then B of A sends the payment electronically.  Until recently, there was no charge for the checking account.  In the past year or two, their charge became $14 per month.  But there are no other charges, such as for mailing the checks, etc.


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