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Mark Bodenhamer:
It's weird that the newest puck light thread is several years old.  I'm having a hard time finding LED replacements for the puck lights.  Either the hole is too large or they're way to expensive.  Have any of you replaced these in the recent past?  What with?  Black ones would be nice, just to update the look, gold is so 2000's.

I also tried several types of LED replacement bulbs all of them were too large to fit in the existing fixtures.  Open to suggestions.

David T. Richelderfer:,4328.msg32734.html#msg32734

Use the search argument "led light kaper" to find this post and others.

Mark Bodenhamer:
That thread is five years old.  The links don't work.  Before I post anything I search the eff out of it.  Starting a new thread is the last resort, cuz who likes to type?  Got anything from this decade?

David T. Richelderfer:
Kaper II has a website with a catalog.  Look up what you want or look at the selection to see what fixture/s you might like.  You can call Leslie too.  She is very helpful.  Kaper products are also found on Amazon.

Bill Lampkin:
I think your lights are like mine; Gustafson 4015. I bought 4 this spring for a new light fixture I made. The trim ring on mine are chrome, but the base is the same no matter what trim ring you have. You may have to contact the mfg to find a source, as the link below says they are out of stock.

As for LEDs, I just popped out the chrome metal reflector, then most small G4 LEDs will fit. I have disc styles and tower style LEDs in a few fixtures. They work well.


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