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BAC Activity in Photos for 2020


Peter and Connie Bradish:
You CAN NOT keep a Beaver down. While CoVid-19 aka SARS CoV-2 may have tried it did NOT work.
BAC members have found a way to make 2020 an active year for themselves.
They have been out and about and BUSY as Beavers usually are.
There is a place to see what they have been doing. Under Rally Photos is a link to 2020-04 CoVid-19 Stay At Home.
I created this photo album assuming Beavers would stay at home and weather the CoVid scare. Boy, was I wrong!!!
So many of you (over 20) have contributed photos to share of your activities in 2020.
THANK YOU everyone for sharing your photos and showing us all what Beavers have done in 2020.
I sure hope 2021 allows us to have rallies. I am ready for some Beaver FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep the photos coming. Beaver Hugs to all, Connie Bradish, rally photo coordinator

John Bagwell:
How can we send you more pictures of 2020?

Peter and Connie Bradish:
There are several ways you can send me photos.
If you are on Facebook, you can friend me & post photos or you can post the photos on Beaver Ambassador Club-Travel group.
You can send me an email with photos attached. This works great for about 5 photos in one e-mail. My e-mail address is We do have a spam filter. If you could resize them to between 1200-1600 pixels wide and keep the aspect ratio when you attach them to an e-mail, this helps.
Hope this is the information you need, Connie Bradish


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