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Mini splits
« on: January 17, 2021, 08:53:20 PM »
Hi guys
I've been doing some reading online about mini split A/C heat pump setups .
It appears that while I've had my head stuck in the sand the world and technology has moved on.
It seams the technology used in the mini split heat pump units is gotten efficient enough to warrant running them off of solar arrays. They now have hybrid units which run during day light on under 1000 watts and with the hybrid end grid tied the system can still run at night. On the other hand there are now new full off grid systems which are dedicated to solar all together.

It appears these new systems use DC compressors which are variable speed and displacement allowing them to consume far less energy than the previous generations of heat pumps coming in with a SEER rating in the 25 to 28 range.
Unfortunately these all seam to be setup for solar arrays with 48 volt systems .
That said I have found guys on  tube running a 115 volt mini splint in a travel trailer completely off grid using solar and an inverter saying that the unit draws 1000 watts on startup and will maintain depending on heat load in or around 400 watts .
And the bonus is there quiet to boot

This might be worth keeping an eye on as technology changes these may evolve into a viable solution for our ageing A/C and heat pump setups on our RVs.
Just think of it if they came up with an evaporator that would drop onto the existing roof vent whole where our AC units sit and then run the line sets down under the coach say to the spot where the dash air condenser sits now you might be able to run it off the 12 volt battery bank using the inverter charger or solar .
It would likely require 1000 watts of solar but it may be viable.
Makes one think of the possibilities and boondocking.

Has any one else heard or seen anything about people using mini split units in an rv off grid ??
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