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2004 Beaver Marquis Sapphire for sale 541-571-5331

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David T. Richelderfer:
2004 Marquis Sapphire, 45 feet, Veranda color scheme, two tones of tan and two tones of green.
The interior is a high gloss finish on solid dark cherry wood with Mappa burl decor, also called owl-eye burl.
The cherry wood shows very little greying under the high gloss finish and the burl is nearly all glued down fast.

Please note the last three interior pictures are not from our coach.  Our coach has the same type fixtures in the same locations but our coach has dark-stained, solid cherry wood in all locations from the driver's area to the back of the bedroom.  The colors and Mappa Burl veneer (also called Owl-Eye veneer) you see in the living room pictures is what you will see in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom as well.

We have owned this coach since late August of 2012 and have put nearly 40,000 miles on it.  We now travel between Hermiston, OR and Yuma, AZ - spending Summers in Oregon and Winters in Arizona.  Since we have homes in both places and do not intend to travel much, if at all outside these two destinations, we do not need it anymore.

Coach mileage is 88,677.
The engine is a Cat C-12, 505 HP, always starts immediately, with dual Jake Brake settings - 6 cyl and 3 cyl.
Generator is an Onan Quiet Diesel, 12.5KW, starts immediately.
The C-12 and generator engines had a full service in Jan of 2022, including oil and filter changes.
Aquahot is the AHE-100-02S, 50,000 BTU with the diesel burner, 120v electric element, and engine preheat.
Coach has separate reporting systems - the Aladdin and Silverleaf systems report on two separate monitors.
Twelve tire TPMS system reporting in the Silverleaf monitor.
Smartwheel with cruise control, engine idle control, and wiper blade control.
Front TV fold-down Sony Bravia, bedroom TV Samsung, king-size bed.
Inverter is a Xantrex Freedom PSW 3,000W, new in Jan of 2016, with AGS and remote panel.
New fresh water pump in Jan of 2016.
Alternator on the C-12 was replaced in July of 2013.
Battery charging is done by the inverter and/or the alternator through the BIRD/Big Boy system.
New chassis batteries, two maintenance-free 12v, in Oct of 2021.
New coach batteries, six wet-cell 6v golf cart style, 235 AH each, in April of 2022.
New steering axle tires, Pirelli 315/80R22.5, in Oct of 2021
New tag axle tire - Bridgestone 195/80R22.5 on May 20, 2022, because it aged out.  The other five tires are dated 2016.
New cooling unit for LRIM1200 refrigerator, has ice maker, in April of 2021.
One of three roof AC units was replaced about six years ago.
Engine C-12 exhaust was completely replaced in Aug of 2019.
New C-12 engine radiator in July 2017.  The radiator came from the Radiator Supply House in Sweethome, OR.
Three new topper awnings in Oct of 2020.
New frontend suspension, kingpins, tie rod ends, drag link, and four airbags, in Dec 2021.
New Transfer Switch in Aug of 2021.
And many other details too numerous to list, such as towing equipment, extra 50a and 30a cords, etc.

This coach travels straight with no left/right pull and is very easy to drive.

Asking $120,000 and will consider bids.   541-571-5331

David T. Richelderfer:
A couple of updates to the Marquis For sale below are in bold print.

Michael DeFalco:
hello David, was wondering what leveling system the coach has?    mike

David T. Richelderfer:
The Marquis has both an airbag leveling system and a three-point hydraulic leveling system.  Both can be operated manually or automatically.

There are ten airbags, or air-springs if you like... one airbag on each side, front and back, of the wheels on each axle.  and there is a keep-level feature while parked so the coach will stay level.  The air leveling system is HWH.

There are three hydraulic rams, one in front midway between the front wheels, and two rams behind each tag axle wheel and slightly towards the coach's centerline.  I do not recall the name of the hydraulic leveling manufacturer.

David T. Richelderfer:
I have not been too aggressive in trying to sell this coach.  But the time has come to be more serious about selling.  I am reducing my offer price to $105,000 and will consider bids.  I have had numerous wholesale-level bids in the $70,000 to $80,000 range, mostly from RV lot salesmen.


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