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Mark Graves:
WE BOUGHT A 2003 Beaver patriot THUNDER, with a rebuilt title, had I known this I would gone with a different Beaver. Is there any one out here who knows where I can get comp and Collison. we have liability but can't get the rest to cover my coach. I would like to protect my 70k investment.  :'( :'(

Joel Ashley:
Mark, see if Ron Jarvie or Travis Breedlove at Overland Insurance Services can help you.  They are a BAC sponsor, handle several RV insurance company options, are very educated on the subject, and have helped many of us here get the right coverage at the best price.


Mark Graves:
Will do

Joel Ashley:
Let us know, Mark, what they say re. the insurability of a “rebuilt title”.  With the aging of a no-longer-made brand, you may not be the only buyer encountering this issue.


Mark Graves:
It's a No-Go
Their reply:
I am sorry, but we do not have a market for insuring a vehicle with a rebuilt (aka "salvage") title.  The reason is that an insurance company has already paid "a total loss" on this vehicle.  When someone purchases a vehicle that has already been paid out as a "total loss", the vehicle is supposed to be used for parts....and not to begin again.  The difficulty is in what is to be paid in any subsequent has already been totaled and paid for.



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