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Safety Cables for sale


Joel Ashley:
When the coach was a few days old and I was still learning how to maneuver our unusually low-slung animal over driveway/street dips, the towbar safety cables suffered a little road rash.  A bit embarrassed to have a shiny new rig and scraped up cables, I got new ones, stuffing the old ones away as backup.  The “backup” likely would never be necessary and ended up on my garage floor for at least the last decade.  Amongst other long-unused RV items I’d like to no longer have taking up space, the cables are for sale.

You can see they’ve rusted a bit, but that’s easily cleaned up, and the road rash seems limited to just the plastic coverings.  They were nearly $50 new, and one cable connector is missing, but should be available at hardware, auto, or farm outlets.  Let me know what they’d be worth to you.  They may cost a bit to ship these days, so if you’re going to be in the Portland area come and see what you think.



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