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Looking to install a new smart TV


Gregory J Dugre:
Are any TVs acceptable for an RV bouncing down the road or are there rugged models that are needed. I'm looking at installing a 40" 2 series Fire TV in the front of my Beaver Monterey Ventura 2006. Are there any specs for tv used in motor homes or any vibration dampening required. Doesn't look like the factory did anything special although the tv itself might be rugged. Has anyone put in a new tv and what brand and model did you use  Also how long did it last?

Joel Ashley:
Jim Sizemore put a 40” Sony in our ‘06 Monterey in 2015, using a cabinet modification by his RV Outfitters partner, Greg Fulton.  Though we haven’t been on the road as much as we’d hoped since, there have been no issues. 

I kinda goofed though, in choosing a non-smart model because the new DVD player he also added was “smart”.  I should’ve had him pick up a smart Sony so we didn’t have to connect to the internet/stream through a second device;  I guess I thought I was just saving money and we were used to doing that at home already.  I was being frugal but it wasn’t worth it.  Thank goodness the 32” LG he put in the bedroom is “smart”. 

I was amazed how well Greg’s cabinetry in both locations matched the original, but then both fellows are original Beaver factory alums, and no doubt have existing plans from many previous Beavers they’ve remodeled.

I wouldn’t fret too much about whether a modern TV can withstand the road.  Years ago when Plasmas were popular, there were concerns about rough roads, as well as altitude changes, but I’ve not heard of issues with today’s LEDs, OLED’s, QLED’s, etc. in RV’s. 

I, after long research, had zeroed in on an LG OLED for home 3 years ago, but at the moment of purchase I opted for another Sony, a brand we’ve had several of over many decades.  Side by side the Sony OLED had a slightly better picture and better audio than it’s comparable LG, the one I deliberately went to the store to buy.  Sony used OLED screens made at an LG plant, but Sony does different things than LG with controlling software and hardware, and innovative audio technology.  Samsung has dominated American display space for over a dozen years (they buy that advantage from their vendors), but I’ve had too many issues with Samsung devices, and tend to ignore their products.

But that’s my and my wife’s personal opinion, and yours may be different.  In 3 years technology has advanced even more.  For example, Sony, after many, many complaint-filled years, has finally changed their previous clumsily designed, much maligned remote controls.  I use an aftermarket Logitech Harmony 650 remote instead of the one that came with the TV.  If we got a new Sony today, however, I’d likely be quite happy with the stock remote, judging by what I’ve read and seen, at Costco for example.

I hope, Gregory, that this all offers a little insight.


Steve Huber Co-Admin:
I've installed 5 Visios (2 smart versions) in our various motor homes since 2005.  They've all worked flawlessly, both up front over the dash and in the bedroom. No shock damping is required. As Joel noted, plasma units could be problematic but I don't think they are made any more.

Gregory J Dugre:
Thank you for your prompt reply. I thought that was the case but I saw rugged tv listed in an article about RV's  but it mostly talked about 12volt TVs and I wasn't going that route. I'm also staying with the HD version rather than the 4K to save on data while streaming.
Thanks again for all your input


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