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Anyone attending the FMCA convention RV Expo in Tucson.


Laurence Mitchell:
Just curious if anyone from our group is attending the FMCA convention March 20-23 in Tucson, Az.
We will be attending as this will be our official first time event since we canceled out last one due to work.

Take care,


Cathi Stark:
I hope you are having a great time down in Tuscon.  We didn't make it to the convention this year, although we did go a couple of years ago.  I'm sorry you didn't seem to have gotten any response via the forum.  i tried the same thing in previous years with the same result.  I am Cathi Stark the VP for the Western area.  I am planning a Beaver event in conjuction with the FMCA Convention in Redmond OR in August.  I couldn't get some details from FMCA Corp until after this March event was completed so my planning is a bit later than I would have liked.  I'll have to see how we can make the Forum a better place to find fellow travelers.  BTW there is a Face Book Group - Beaver Ambassador Club - Travel  I would be happy to invite you to join that group if you are interested.  My FB ID is Cathi Stark and my photo is the ocean crashing over a rock.  I hope you meet you down the road.  Travel Safe and enjoy the journey

Laurence Mitchell:
We have a GREAT time at our first FMCA rally!  We found the BAC table with a HUGE stuffed beaver as well as our President Joanne Fadale. We attended many seminars and met some wonderful people (Fred and Cindy Brooks!) As I will be retiring next year (Dec 2025) from Federal Service, the only vacation I will be doing is attending the Beaver Rally in Quartzsite in 2025.
Cathi, I couldn't find the Beaver Ambassador Club - Travel, if you can send me an invite that would be awesome.  I did find you on FB and am now following.
My FB profile is Mitch Mitchell with 2 hearts, one American and the other English.

Cathi Stark:
Anyone that checks out this post and really wants information about other FMCA / BAC rally opportunties, see the thread for "2024 Rallies"  Cathi Stark

Cathi Stark:
Actually the other thread is under Rally / 2024 Rallies not in the General Discussion.


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