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Steve Huber Co-Admin:
The CAT service organization in SC, Blanchard CAT ceased servicing truck (and RV) engines in February. A check with a service writer at Carolina CAT in Charlotte NC found that they are apparently are planning the same move, so it may be a nation wide move as CAT has not supplied OTR engines since 2010. While there are a lot of diesel shops that work on CAT engines, many do not have a CAT ET analyzer which can result in increased maintenance costs as they guess which component is at fault (on our dime).

Steve Huber Co-Admin:
IMHO avoid shops w/o a CAT ET system if you have an engine issue.
Our C9 developed a miss last summer following annual service at a local diesel shop with very good reviews and recommendations. It would not start missing until the engine was at operating temp and under load. I took it back to the shop after returning from trips to the midwest and TX (~4k miles) during which the miss did not get any worse and was only noticeable when pulling hills. The shop swore they had an analyzer that would spot issues with CAT engines. They had the coach for 2 weeks and replaced the fuel filters, ICP and fuel pressure regulator as well as checking for air in the fuel (none). No change to miss. They then tried to tell me I had a high pressure oil issue. At that point I told them to stop and I would pick it up. Checked with Blanchard CAT (about 40 miles further away) and they told me they could work on it. However winter set in so I left it in the barn to avoid winterizing. Checked with them about 3 weeks ago and found they had stopped servicing OTR truck engines. Made a quite a number of calls till a Blanchard CAT service writer in Columbia SC told me of Worldwide Equipment in Spartanburg that had hired one of their best mechanics.
Checked with them to verify they had a CAT ET system. Dropped the coach off on Tuesday AM. That afternoon I received an email describing findings and an estimate. Injector 2 started failing at 163F. Gave them the go-ahead and they had it ready Friday.
They are good but not cheap (but cheaper than paying some shop to guess on my dime.

Eric Maclean:
Glad to hear you got your problem solved .
It's funny as I just happen to in Columbia SC. For the next two nights passing through on our way home.



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