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2004 Cummins ISL 400

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Don Colapietro:
we are working on a 2004 Cummins ISL 400 which died on its maiden voyage. running just fine, then shut off... no spitting or sputtering, just shut off and would not restart. plenty of fuel at the filters. it has a brand new ECM and now shows a code for speed sensor. getting tired of throwing new parts at it. we know just enough to be dangerous. some of the DC voltages at the ECM seem to be low. HELP !  where do we look now?  Don Colapietro 239 940 6199  Thanks


Gene Obie:
Since you indicated possible low voltage issue I'm assuming you've checked all chassis battery connections , especially ground wires. One suggestion would be to start the generator and get a charge going on the batteries - that should raise the battery voltage enough if you happen to be just on the edge of a low voltage issue due to wiring problem.

David T. Richelderfer:
One other thing, on our coach the Allison transmission keypad MUST show an "N" (Neutral) before the engine will attempt to start.

Eric Maclean:
Your post states your working on a 2004 with a Cummins and your profile shows you have a 2006.
For clarification we need to know What year make  and model are we working on to get the wiring diagrams right
We need to know whether it's a engine no crank or crank no start.

With that said here goes.
You stated you have poor or low voltage to the ECM

1) First check the ignition side buss bar in the electrical bay to be sure the ignition solenoid is not going. Bad your looking to see if you have a good 12 volts with the ignition check each of the ECM feed circuit breaker on that buss bar to verify it has good voltage going out .

2) depending on the coach in the rear usually in the back of the battery bay there should be an ECM power relay check it to make sure you don't have a bad wire or a bad relay.

3) check. The wiring around the battery area your looking for 2 or 3 fuse holders ( again coach dependant)  these supply direct 12 volts to the ECM and the TCM and can get corroded from the battery acids causing problems.

4) check all your battery cables and ground connections

Hope this helps

Don Colapietro:
Thanks for all the great tips. I think we have now isolated the problem to the speed sensor{s}, since there is fuel at the injectors. We're now waiting on a detailed wiring print to see if the sensor(s) generate a signal or if there should be voltage present when cranking.  Don


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