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12 volt Hydro Hot fuse location


Darrell Terry:
The 12 volt fuse blew on our 2004 Beaver Monterey to the Hydro Hot.

Unable to locate fuse -

Does anyone have a 2004 Beaver Monterey Laguna that can advise me of location of the Hydro Hot fuse.

It is not in Breaker box or 12 volt fuse box above washer/dryer location near bath.

It is not attached to house batteries

Someone mentioned bedroom, but I don't have a fuse box there.

Please advise - Cold showers not fun !

Darrell Terry

Steve Huber Co-Admin:
Not sure this is accurate but the 04 Monterey wiring diagrams (pg 26) shows the furnace 12v supply from an ANL fuse, probably in the rear run box. Not sure if the Hydro Hot used the same connection as I don't think it needs that much amperage.


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