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Gerald Farris:
There have been several post to the technical board asking for help on a problem without enough information about the coach to correctly reply.

It is very helpful to know:
1. year
2. model of coach (Monterey, Marquis, etc.)
3. length
4. engine (size and make)

and any other pertinent information. i.e. floorplan, number of slides etc.

To add this info to your Forum Profile so it show up with each of your posts;
Select "Profile" on the top bar when logged in.  Then  on the "Modify Profile" menu that appears on the left side of the screen, select "Forum Profile". This will bring up a page where you can fill in as much or little info as desired. Entering the info in the Signature Box will ensure it appears at the end of every post. To add a picture, you need to have  it already stored on your PC. Make sure it is no larger than 1MB. Select 'Upload Avatar". Then select "Browse". This will open your PC files. Highlight the  picture you want to upload and click "Open".  When you've completed entering your info, select "Change Profile" at the bottom of the page. It will respond with a note that your profile has been changed.

If you need to resize a picture, the instructions are in the "General Discussion" board. If you need assistance contact Steve Huber.



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