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Peter and Connie Bradish:
 We cruised into Budapest at night for our last port of call. All the buildings and bridges were lit up. What a spectacle!!!!!!!! That evening we had the Captain's farewell dinner. We all dressed up and celebrated our fun trip.

 Sept 4 our last full day on board our Beavers on the Rhine river cruise. Another day of cool weather and spotty rain. But this doesn't daunt the Beavers. We had a tour of Budapest this morning: fabulous buildings and monuments.


Peter and Connie Bradish:
  Tom and Bob arranged for a small select group (5) to get a tour of the engine room. WOW!!!! They have 3 large diesel gensets (Cummins) which run the electricity on the ship and propulsion system. What fun!!!!
  Then the final dinner. Many toasts and much laughter.
  Finally this morning (Sept 5) our last breakfast together. Again more laughter and fun. We all wished each other "A Beaver-until we see you again!!!"
  And so Beavers on the Rhine is over. However, the wonderful memories will be with us for our lifetimes. To all you Beavers out there, we hope you have enjoyed our travels and "See you down the road!!!!"



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