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Joel Ashley:
Oh, the shame!  Everyone knows beer interferes with a Beaver's ability to safely build lodges and dams.  I hope he wasn't driving that day.

Oh, well... I guess he is on vacation.

But then, to - OMG - allow your pet Beaver up on the dining table!  Gasp  ??).  And then to compound it by letting him eat from your plate!!

The travesty of it all!

Peter and Connie Bradish:
 August 21, 2010 morning

 The Beav was up this morning and ready for breakfast at 8:30 am. He wanted to show you what we had: various kind of specialty rolls, sliced cheese, sliced meat, melon, more cheese and tomatoes, yogurt, OJ and tea. The Beav cleaned his plate and drank his tea. A small burp ended the meal.

 Peter and the Beav stayed at the B & B this morning and washed and dried a load of dirty clothes (1 and 1/2 hrs wash and 57 minutes dry) while Connie went shopping for some last minute items for the river cruise. On the walking shopping trip Connie saw lots of housing areas. The last few pictures are of local housing around Oosterpark and on the canal north of Oosterpark. While Amsterdam is a large city, this area feels like a small town. The people shop in small specialty shops and at the local open air market (Dapper Market). Every one so far has been kind and helpful. Most of the people here speak some level of English which goes a long way to helping us enjoy the city. The Beav, of course, is multi-lingual and speaks to everyone.

See Photos

Peter and Connie Bradish:
August 21, 2010 Evening.

 At 5 pm everyone gathered in the lobby of the Amsterdam Hilton. Everyone else is staying there except Peter and Connie and the Beav. A number of people flew into Amsterdam today except for Tom and Lynn and Peter, Connie and the Beav. We are all here now. This was the first gathering of the group. Our first social so to speak!!!!

 Even though some of us were tired, never say die. We all (Jerry, Sue, Tom, Lynn, Dave, Linda, Bob, Peter, Connie and the Beav) went out to Tapas (a restaurant just north of the Hilton). We sat outside and had beer or wine and heavy appetizers. Even the Beav had some wine and bread!!! We each ordered an appetizer and then we passed the plates around (calamari, lamb skewers, salad, egg plant, anchovies, sausage, and mayo spread, toasted bread with spread). Yummy!!!!!!!! Sounds like a pot luck social to me.

 Tomorrow we will be moving to Rotterdam to board the Viking Legend. We were supposed to board here in Amsterdam but the Sail 2010 is taking up all the dock space. A new adventure every day!!!!!!!!!

 see Photos

Joel Ashley:
First beer, now wine.
Someone call the Oregon BSD (Beaver Services Division)!

Peter and Connie Bradish:
 Just a quick note first. We are all on the ship and presently we are cruising from Kinderdijk to Cologne. Internet service is spotty. Had trouble loading pictures even when connected. So look for new information as I am able to connect. :)

 August 22, 2010
 Moving day from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Most of the group stayed in Amsterdam for the day and then caught the bus in late afternoon at the Hilton to travel to the dock at Rotterdam. Peter, Connie and the Beav took a different route. We took the train to Rotterdam. We then took the metro to the nearest station to the ship and then found the address given to us for the ship. Alas, incorrect address. After many travails which included a water taxi ride from one side of the river under the bridge where the formula road race was being run, we arrived at the other side of the river where the ship was really docked. Glad we are RVers and flexible.
 Everyone else arrived later, signed in and unpacked. Welcome talk and then dinner. Everyone pretty tired so off to bed.

August 23, 2010
 7am the ship left the dock to go to Kinderidjk. The engines were amazingly quiet. The ship is long, narrow and not too tall. But there seems to be plenty of room for everyone. After breakfast, we had a talk on windmills and then we visited a functional windmill in Kinderdijk. While they no longer move water off the land, some are kept as homes or museums. They now move water from the land using electric motors and large metal screws. We had rain and wind. But never fear, Beavers pressed on, enjoyed the walk and windmill tour any way. Back to the ship for lunch. This afternoon we had a talk on cheese and jenever (a strong juniper liquor) and samples, of course.
 We are now motoring between Kinderdijk and Cologne.

Pictures to follow when I get a stronger faster connection.


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