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Keith Cooper

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Great Gaspe & Maritime Rally final report
« on: September 27, 2017, 03:30:51 PM »
Wrapped up the final reports for our 80 day Great Gaspe & Maritime rally today. The rally started in Ottawa for Canada day celebrations and ended in Freeport Maine.   We were in Quebec for 20 days and for the most part the folks we met were very helpful and easy to deal with. From Quebec we rolled into Northern New Brunswick and out to Prince Edward Island for a few days before our first stop in Nova Scotia. From North Sydney, NS we moved on to Newfoundland/Labrador for 22 days before returning to Nova Scotia for 6 stops. From Nova Scotia we moved on to New Brunswick  before finishing  in Maine and ending the rally near Freeport. Our coach traveled 4,745 miles, on the rally and we stopped at 35 different RV parks / campgrounds.  The rally included 22 meals  and 72  scheduled activities.  The cost per coach was $6,458.50. This rally was both the longest and most expensive rally in the club’s history and at $80.73 per day it was, for Eileen and I, a bargain.
The rally had 4 first timers attending so we were able to make some new friends  and help create some memories for all who attended.  To our old and new friends who attended, you are what made this trip special. If you would like a sampling of what we saw and did take a  look at the pictures Connie Bradish posted for this rally.
I can only echo the following quote from Ken Sair:
“One flat tire, 5 slides became inoperable, one shock through a bedroom floor, one windshield popped out, lights that wouldn't work, generators wouldnt start, batteries went dead, pets got ill, 6 times coaches went into a shop for repair. I cannot even begin to remember all the knicks and dings on the coaches. What an adventure. It will now be known as the longest and most expensive rally in Beaver Ambassador Club history. AND, the worst roads ever experienced in a 'civilized' country :). The folks in Quebec were fabulous, a pleasant surprise. The language barriers made for some funny situations. Warning, we will be back Canada!!!!!! Thank you all for being gracious host to us Americans. Especially the people of Newfoundland. What an extraordinary group of people. Nicest, friendliest and helpful people we have ever come across. Pure class all the way.”
Cheers Keith
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Bill Sprague

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Re: Great Gaspe & Maritime Rally final report
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10 years ago it was three Beavers, 3 months and a piece of cake.  We started in Prineville, crossed in to Canada at Sault St Mariet drove across Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and on to Newfoundland on the big ferry.  It was the Baylers and Kimbals in Thunders and BJ and I in the Monterey.   Other than a leaky lift pump on our Cummins, there were no dings, failures or trouble with the roads.   It was nothing but fun, excitement and pleasure.   We would love to return. 

Well, maybe there was one problem.   The toppers on the Monterey filled with rain and turned to ice one night.  Had to screw a hose to the HydroHot, climb up on the roof and melt the ice with hot water.  Departure was 30 minutes late!