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Recall List for Beaver Coaches

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Steve Huber Co-Admin:

Ted Tedford:
Not a single recall listed for my 2004 Monterrey was even for a motorhome muchless my coach. Almost all of them were for Mercury Monterrey passenger cars. This is a useless recall site but thanks for trying.

Steve Huber Co-Admin:
Suggest you look again. There is a Hydro / Aqua Hot notice for the 04 (LPG water heater). It also affects many other coaches. We try to post the most relevant material available but keep in mind we have no control over the content. Please don't damn the complete list just because you couldn't find info relative to your specific coach.

Mike Shumack:
The problem with that Recall site, is that they have the coach makes/models listed in several places (i.e. "Beaver, Beaver Coach, Monaco, Monaco Coach, Monaco RV) so you have to look around.

For example, I found Patriot recalls in three different places. A 2004 Monterey is a Beaver and is a Monaco.

And then, as you found, if you coach model name was used by the car manufacturers, there is a mix of those too.

Dave Atherton:
Gentleman am I Missing something here but Beaver production has stopped many years ago. This
along with many other good name brand motorhomes also. With exception of the Caterpillar C-7 S,
and C-9 S, motorhome owners will not have any problem getting parts for there engines Reguardless
many models many claim to be throw away engines (  which is a incorrect statement that cannot be supported ). The BAC forum has a wealth of information and many countless hours saving information
from long time membership. New member joining the BAC that have access to this forum will find
problems on the road can be solved in-house. Dave Atherton Retired Cat Mechanic


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