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Keith Cooper:
Does anyone have the dates and location for the Summer 2020 (#102),Winter 2021 (#103) and Summer 2021 (#104) International rallies? Im looking at this for planning purposes.

Peter and Connie Bradish:
FMCA Internationals - might ask Patsy Boles (national director). Could only find 101st FMCA International/Expo March 26-29 2020 Tucson, AZ. Connie B.

Keith Cooper:
 I contacted FMCA and  received the following response from Brooke Grow, Event Coordinator at FMCA "Unfortunately we do not have those dates set yet!"

Katie Molby:
The dates for the International BAC Rally 2021 are 9/15/21 - 9/19/21 (officers arrived 9/13/21.)

The dates for the International BAC Rally 2022 are 9/15/22 - 9/19/22 (officers arrived 9/13/22.)

They will both be hosted in Redmond, Oregon!

Peter and Connie Bradish:
There are two kinds of Internationals. One put on by FMCA and one put on by BAC, a chapter of FMCA.
The 2021 FMCA International Conventions & RV Expos are: March 10-13 in Perry, Georgia and July 7-10 in Gilllette, Wyoming. (see the FMCA magazine Family RVing)
In 2021 BAC Internationals are: May 28-June 1 in Amana, Iowa and September 15-19 in Redmond, Oregon. (see Beaver Tales)


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