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How to find Member Photos (for members only)


Peter and Connie Bradish:
There has been a change in where the Current Member Photos and the Member Memories Photos are kept.
They are now under General Boards as their own Category along with the Membership Directory.
So Ignore the post below.
Thanks to the Forum administrators.
Connie Bradish, rally photo coordinator

There seems to be some confusion about how to find member photos.
This area where they are found is for members only.
So to find it on the BAC Forum you must scroll down to the General Boards Section.
Click on the red Private BAC Members Only.
Presently the BAC Member Photo Album is the third topic down.
Click on it and and a post will open. The links for the Current Member Album and Member Memories are there.
Click on the link you want, you will to go to Google Photos where the photos are kept.
If anyone wants a photo of themselves included in the members photos, please send a photo to me. My e-mail address is in
the Membership Directory which is also found in the Private BAC Members Only Section.
Connie Bradush, rally photo coordinator

Mandy Canales:
It took me a couple of tries to get to the directory, but finally got there.  How do I increase the size of the font so I can clearly see those listed there?  To me the printing is too small and fuzzy to read and stay on the same line going across the person's name.  It is a shame that if I am writing to someone that is not on my contact listing that I have to go through the maze to see a person's email address and then back to my written article.  As a dues paying member I, if wanted, should receive a hard copy without paying extra for it.  I really don't want to down load the entire membership directory on to my phone.  What's the solution for me?

Steve Huber Co-Admin:
Once you have the pdf file open, click on the top of it. A tool bar will open that contains a + and - along with other tool icons (print, save, etc.). The image will enlarge each time you click on the +.

BTW, we just established a sperate Board for member Photos and the Directory so Connie's instruction below are superseded.


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