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Jerry and Kay Hudson

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engine and transmission temps
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here we go again...

We just bought our 2002 Contessa a few months ago and we are doing a lot of traveling this summer. My engine temperature is running about 195 or so and the transmission temp is running about 210 or so. This is with pulling a tow dolly with a 1999 Toyota Avalon. We have the 370 HP Cummins and we are not to crazily loaded up. These temperatures are when it is about 93 or 94 degrees outside and we are running about 72 to 74 on the interstates in the Gulf Coast areas. The allison has transynd. Should we  be concerned or is the normals? Our previous coach was a 98 Fleetwood Discovery with the 275 Cummins and the engine temp never got over 195 and transmission temp would very rarely even get the needle to move.

Thanks for your input.
Jerry and Kay Hudson
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Re: engine and transmission temps
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Your engine temp is normal and your trans temp is a few degrees high (although acceptable) for a coach with transynd, if these are the true temp readings. A coach with transynd will run a few degrees cooler (my Marquis transmission runs 5 to 10 degrees cooler after I changed to transynd).

If your are using the analog gauges in the dash for your temp readings, they could be off by several degrees. A common saying about analog dash gauges is that they are for "Entertainment Purposes Only". If your coach has an engine computer(Silverleaf or Aladdin), it will give you much more accurate temp readings.

If you are concerned about temps be certain that your radiator and cooling coils are clean, especially if you have a rear radiator.

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Jerry and Kay Hudson

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Re: engine and transmission temps
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Thanks for the quick response. I do not think that my coach has a monitoring system. I am still trying to figure all of the other things out though. I will dig more into the systems that I do and do not have. So far we like the coach a lot. it is like night and day compared to the Discovery that we had.

Jerry and Kay Hudson
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Re: engine and transmission temps
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Gerald is absolutely correct about the tranny gauges. I have the alladin system and find my analog gauge is off by 10 to 15 degrees. But, you are still ok at 210. The faster you drive the higher the temp due to increasing torque. If you do encounter a dangerous temp just lower your speed to 60-64 mph and select 5th gear and it should cool off for you. Since you are running over 70 mph you may want to review the tire pressure chart for safety. Have a great summer and hope to meet you at some of the BAC rallys. G-day.
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