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What are You Doing During The Stay At Home?

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Fred Brooks:
   George, After reading your response about the HDMI connections, I checked out 32" smart TV's It seems that the ARC is on 40" smart TV's and larger units. Sorry, didn't mean to mislead you. Your other option is to connect the optical audio cable from the TV to the back of the Samsung 5500 Blu-ray player to get the same benefit of surround sound.

    Carl, That EZ drain is the same for 3126, 3176, 3406, C-13, C-15 Caterpillar engines. If you want the optional 5/8" barbed output fitting for a hose you connect, add the letter "H" to the end of the part number. EZ-205H
   Glad to see we are making the best of the situation, Blessings, Fred

George Harwell:
Fred, after more homework I attempted to connect the tv with the Blu-ray receiver but it refuses to cooperate. While browsing through settings on the new tv I found one that identified HDMI 1 as ARC so switched the sound output from tv to receiver and proceeded to settings on the Blu-ray. Found in the sound settings that the HDMI was turned off. Turned it on and felt sure it would work but no joy. Rechecked the settings and the Blu-ray HDMI was back to OFF. Reset to ON again, again, again, and finally decided to order a 10 foot fiber optic cable from Amazon. The HDMI refuses to cooperate. I will have to remove the tv again but not a problem as it is pretty light. Thanks for all the suggestions and have a great day.

Laurence Mitchell:
Both of us are currently working and considered essential workers.  I work at the commissary as the director at Davis Monthan AFB and my better half is currently working in a hospital as an ICU RN in the COVID19 unit.  Saying all of that we have spent a few of our days off fixing some things.  Removed mirrors in kitchen and put up stone back splash. Removed broke front curtains and installed a 8 foot tension bar and put up night curtains.  Modified the vents in the room to better control the output of air from the AC to different parts of the RV. (Thanks to Fred for that idea) Serviced and cleaned batteries.  Fixed fog lights in front that was not correctly installed.  Currently in shop to have a Samsung refrigerator install and fix some broke tiles.  Next job once I get the unit back is to pull fluid samples from the engine and genny and seal the new lights markers installed on the front and back of the unit.  We love our Beaver and look forward to camping for a week in Utah end of June.


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