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What are You Doing During The Stay At Home?

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David T. Richelderfer:
Joel - Certainly it helps to add years.  But on the other hand, in the past five-to-ten-years, I have noted a rapid decrease in the distance my clubs will hit the ball.  I guess my clubs are getting older too, eh?  Anyways, the combination of studying the game and the courses has especially made my drives and chips more accurate.  If I could get my putting to work, then my handicap would be sub 5 rather than sub 10.  As a golfing friend of mine likes to say, "It's not the arrow, it's the Indian."

George Harwell:
Installed new tv and home theater, replaced tv antenna and coax, replacing bathroom vent fan and then I get dirty greasing the front end and changing the oil and filters. These chores keep me out of the house and makes MAMA happy.

Fred Cook:
Installed ceramic tile and vanity in mother-in-laws bathroom, did some painting around the house, repaired ceiling fan in great room, and playing golf a couple times a week. It’s been in the 60-70 degree range here in Missouri. The state is supposed to open up again on 4 May so we may head to Branson or a little farther south to Eureka Springs AR. Hope everyone is doing well.

Fred Brooks:
   Hi George, Happy to hear you got the Samsung Blu-ray home theater installed and wired. I am not sure if I told you about the HDMI connection between the TV and the back of the Blu-ray player. If your television is within the last 5 years, there is a HDMI input labeled "ARC" (audio return channel). If you use this input, you can play anything that is currently on the tv thru the sound system. TV antenna, cable, sat dish, ect. All you do is scroll thru the blu-ray source or input until you see "D IN" this means "digital audio in" coming from the tv. Hope to see everyone soon, Fred

George Harwell:


        Thanks for the information. I was unaware of the ARC portion of the hdmi cable inputs. My new 32 inch Samsung smart tv must not have that capability as I tried both cables and no joy from the blue ray receiver. Satellite, dvd, and FM all sound awesome. Will do more homework tonight. Thanks again for your kindness.


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