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Title: Zamped
Post by: Joel Ashley on October 01, 2021, 11:55:18 PM
Did anyone utilize the parts and services of the Zamp Solar booth at the Redmond rally? 

Since transforming to AGM house batteries, my Heliotrope HPV-30D system has been a bit cantankerous.  Heliotrope’s current incarnation, AM Solar, wasn’t much help as there is little documentation for that model, tech memories are limited, and my version doesn’t match the documents that do exist and are supposedly for it.  One fellow on another forum suggested what appears to be the safe and operative controller dipswitch configuration, but a couple times my Magnum 1200 remote went to “over temp” fault, once the first hot summer day and again last week after a warmup, even though the batteries were cool, coach unplugged, and the mains off.  The fault self-fixed overnight, but I suspect something’s still funky with the dip switches.

I’d considered making the short trip to Springfield (OR) to have AM Solar convert my single 100W system to 1 or 2 200W panels and an updated controller.  But they are months out in scheduling;  that’s okay, who isn’t.  But having another company “nearby” that I wasn’t previously aware of is a new option, esp. given we are overdue for other work by Bend providers anyway.  I assume they haven’t been around as long as AM Solar/Heliotrope, so service performance and product reviews would be helpful.

Title: Re: Zamped
Post by: Bill Lampkin on October 02, 2021, 12:09:40 AM
You could just swap in another 20a solar controller to replace the Heliotrope. Here's one