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Title: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Keith Moffett on September 05, 2013, 11:51:06 AM
I was just getting comfortable with our Hurricane and now we have an Aquahot.  Manuals dont have much on trouble shooting.
While plugged into 50 amp, the diesel off, the electric hot water on:
  1) Why wont the hot water get over 105 deg?
  2)  Why is the forward pump always running, (zone C)?
  3) I found the coolant in the main tank to be low and none in the over flow tank.  None on the ground so where is it going?

Bonus points...where are parts available?

Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Richard And Babs Ames on September 05, 2013, 02:16:38 PM
1. Tempature: The Aquahot has a water mixing valve thatregulates the tempature. The fluid in the Aquahot is about 180 degrees and the valve mixes cold water with the hot water from the heat exchanger and is adjustable.

2. Fowarad pump running. Do you have an engine preheat switch and is it on?

3. Coolent loss without knowing where it is going. In our case the rubber line from the main tank to the overflow tank had a hole in it and it was going in the top of the aqua hot and evaporating. has good technical support and one of our BAC members is trained on the Aquahot.
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Bob Jae on September 05, 2013, 02:44:18 PM
Shortly after we got our Beaver I joined:     Roger Burkes site.  He also sells parts used and new.  I read the forum posts often and have learned a lot.
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Edward Buker on September 05, 2013, 04:31:25 PM

Some added info...... The mixing valve that Bob pointed out is under the burner and you can adjust that. If you find that it is frozen or the temp does not change it could be stuck with mineral deposits from use and there is a kit if that is the case. If your water flow is especially high that can be a factor.
 If you have an IR gun you should see something a bit lower in temp then the 180, more like 160 + at the pipe leading to the radiator cap. If you are getting 160+ then the thermostats are probably working well. That temp is regulated by some button thermostats which can possibly need changing if the temp stays low.

Beyond the tube that comes from the overflow tank to the cap neck, which is a notorious leak point, the cap itself fails often.( BTW you can buy silicone hose on Ebay, I think it was 5/16ths and you will not have to worry about the overflow hose ever again). I replace my radiator cap every couple of years as a routine.

The solder joint between the copper or brass cap receiver and the boiler steel stand pipe is also a problem area, hopefully yours is fine. Beyond that there is evaporation, they say up to a quart a month but I find that a bit hard to believe. These systems stay hot all the time, as opposed to a car, and the evaporation rate rises dramatically with temperature so there is some of that going on.

Your coach is the same year as mine and this is likely to be the manual you need.

I have been working on my Aqua Hot since we bought the coach and there is "always something". If you find that you leak with the expansion tank up to level and the leaking problem is in the cap area or above you can run these systems with the boiler being full while hot and not driving fluid to the expansion tank. You just have to let it cool some once in awhile and open the cap to check it and replenish the main boiler until repairs can be made. I made a wooden dip stick and run the level about 2 inches below the cap when cooled, until my leak issue is resolved. Hope this helps.

Later Ed
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Orman Claxton on September 05, 2013, 05:24:40 PM
Hello Keith
Give me a call, we can discuss your A/H Problems
Thanks  8)
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Keith Moffett on September 06, 2013, 09:48:29 PM
There are several things to address on the Aquahot.  Thanks everyone for the advice.
Orman, thanks for offering your time and expertice.  We are getting close to time for Seven Feathers and so this will have to wait until our return.  Will you be at the rally?
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Orman Claxton on September 07, 2013, 02:53:56 AM
Sorry everyone
We will not make the Seven Feathers, The Beaver is still in the shop.
Hopefully we get  it back next couple of weeks.
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Roy Warren Co-Admin on September 07, 2013, 04:10:21 AM
Mike Flowerday will be at the Seven Feathers rally.  If he isn't completely booked up after Mike Humble's announcement that he was coming, he will be able to help you.
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Keith Moffett on September 07, 2013, 11:03:58 AM
OrmanWhat's up with your coach?  Sorry we will miss you at the rally.   ike may have some insight at the rally but likely we will call you after we get home.
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Doug Allman on September 08, 2013, 03:26:36 PM
We have a 2004 Marquis and the aquahot was so plugged with sedement (purchased in California August 2012 and was said to be California coach only) that it froze last winter and burst the copper lines around the heat tank. We replaced the lines ourselves and the heat transfer compound and now have extremely hot water. I suspect from Edward Bukers comment that the mixing valve is plugged with sediment also (sediment is actually like sand, more of a calcium deposit I suspect) and we need to either repair with kit or replace.        Does anyone know what kit number is and where to get. I can call Beaver in bend.  TKS
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Steve Huber Co-Admin on September 08, 2013, 04:12:48 PM
Not sure which model you have but you can get correct mixing valve part # at

You might want to try turning the temp adjuster on your current valve. It might free up the mixer mechanism.
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Edward Buker on September 08, 2013, 11:40:13 PM
I believe the valve is a Watts 70A in 1/2 inch sweat and if the dial is 120 to 160. The kit PN was 0869100. They may have discontinued the kit but you may be able to find one. If not then a new valve will have the assembly that you can unscrew and change over if all goes well. Check what you have in your unit and compare it to the 70 A before you order anything. Ormand Claxton would be a good source for the part.

Later Ed
Title: Re: Aqua Hot questions
Post by: Orman Claxton on September 09, 2013, 12:19:34 AM
The Part  is available at the factory, just call and tell them you want the kit
 if they are out, it is available through Watts