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Technical Support / 2008 Contessa blowing black smoke
« Last post by Jill Spierre on Today at 06:42:16 PM »
2008 Contessa, C9, is blowing black smoke.  114,000 miles   :(
Cleaned the air filter. It still blew black smoke with the air filter out, at an accelerated idle.
Added a heavy dose of injector cleaner.
It runs well on the road with no dash indicators appearing.
Any thoughts?
Thanks for all feedback.
Motorhomes and Tow Cars / Re: For Sale 2002 Beaver Marquis Emerald
« Last post by Jerry Emert on Today at 05:52:01 PM »
Frank, not sure if you are aware but there is a FB page for Beavers.  I know there are several people on the page looking for a Beaver of their very own!  Title is Beaver Motorhome Fans.  Good luck
Technical Support / Re: Cleaning drain hose for air conditioning
« Last post by Robert Wagner on Today at 05:35:33 PM »
Will check that.  Seeing as I’m not level may be the biggest problem.  Thanks
Technical Support / Re: Cleaning drain hose for air conditioning
« Last post by Bill Lampkin on Today at 05:19:08 PM »
Might have to get up on the roof and take a look at the drain pans under the A/C shroud. On my PT, the drain hose from roof to ground is 1/2" ID tubing, pretty large to be clogged up. Your clog may be in the drain pans. Also, my drains work sometimes, and the A/C condensate runs off the roof sometimes. Maybe the rig has to be dead on level.
Technical Support / New Ask Dave Article; C9 Engine Surge
« Last post by Steve Huber Co-Admin on Today at 04:37:52 PM »
Just added an Ask Dave writeup addressing C9 engine surging.
Technical Support / Cleaning drain hose for air conditioning
« Last post by Robert Wagner on Today at 04:30:05 PM »
Ok new problem my front air conditioner drain hose is plugged. Usually a few shots of air clear the line. This time it did not work.  Any suggestions.
General Discussion / Re: Anybody going to Branson?
« Last post by John Bagwell on Today at 04:23:29 PM »
You will have a GREAT time.  Educated, entertained, and great fellowship and food.  I hate we will not be there this year.
Technical Support / Re: Air purge
« Last post by Steve Huber Co-Admin on Today at 03:19:42 PM »
Both CAT and Dave Ahterton recommend not prefilling the secondary filter. Why would any of us choose to follow the instructions to the contrary from a non-CAT endorsed source? These "internet experts" have NO skin in the game. If one causes damage to their ~$35K+ engine trying to follow these internet instructions, they have no recourse. One of the reasons the BAC Forum is well thought of and respected in the RV community is because the information on Forum is, in the main, accurate. In the future, please refrain from posting links to these types of utube videos.

Obviously you are free to use any source of information you choose in caring for your coach. It's your coach and your $. I just want to try to keep the info on the Forum accurate.
Technical Support / Re: Air purge
« Last post by Mike Shumack on Today at 10:54:08 AM »

Now the secondary filter.  Consensus is that the Racor purge system will purge the secondary filter by cracking the hex nut until fuel comes out.  And it will do this without pre-filling the filter,  Do I have that right?  Or, it seems the other option is to carefully fill the filter while plugging the center hole. I realize this is risky.  I’d rather not try it if I do t have to. 

Dave is correct, CAT does not recommenced filling the secondary fuel filter (they want you to install dry). CAT is concerned you will get dirt in the filter.

However if you still want to, you should fill it through the outside holes in the filter then if any dirt got in it will be caught be the filter media. The video below if from a CAT mechanic he explains how to change the fuel filter and whether or not he fills them before installing. This not to say don't listen to Dave - it's just another perspective on the question.
Technical Support / Re: Air purge
« Last post by Steve Huber Co-Admin on Today at 04:19:53 AM »
If you want to stay with a Racor system, they have a replacement system. See the Racor or Cat article in Common Problems (Members Only).
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