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Motorhomes and Tow Cars / 2000 Marquis Tourmaline 40ft
« Last post by Laurence Mitchell on Today at 05:42:29 AM »
We are selling our 2000 model Marquis Tourmaline.  Many upgrades completed.  View the craigslist ad for photos:
Technical Support / Re: Refrigerator temporary power
« Last post by Albert Balika on Today at 03:49:38 AM »
David and Steve, Thank you for your response. Paint shop has no problem with plugging in. Steve, great idea with the dry ice. As always, thanks for your help. Regards, Albert
Go to members only section and the top topic is ask Dave
Not familiar with the naples but on my 97 yorktown the solenoid is located on the front wall of the engine bay under the bed along with    the boost solenoid and the battery isolator for the alternator .
On this fire wall there are also two 200 amp fuses one of them is for the coach power and may be your problem.
Hope this helps Eric
Dave thanks for the one reply. I went to tech support on forums i see no ask dave. i found over 100 some questions two of which addressed some problems but none address why i am not able to get the codes by following the operators manual for the CAT engine.
Technical Support / Re: Where is coach power relay on 1999 Contessa?
« Last post by Lonne Mays on Today at 02:35:37 AM »
No relays in my battery bay.
Technical Support / Re: Manually close slides
« Last post by Mark Bodenhamer on Today at 02:19:27 AM »
Fortunately it appears that it's just the relay.  I ordered one from RVA and it should be here tomorrow.  I really appreciate help.  I'll post an update when it's for sure.
Technical Support / Re: Transmission over-temp issue
« Last post by Eric Maclean on Today at 01:41:56 AM »
Great to hear you got it to a competent shop.
The troubleshooting can be done with nothing but a good multi meter the special tooling is nice to have but not essential.
but the nature of these coaches mean working in places a bad back won't let you go.
It sounds like the service manager has a good handle on the problem and will have you up and running quickly.
Good news.
Keep us posted
Technical Support / Re: Where is coach power relay on 1999 Contessa?
« Last post by Fred Brooks on Today at 01:15:31 AM »
If it is the salesman switch relay, It is the one near the batteries as Steve stated. Should look like the one within the oval circle in the photo. Fred
Technical Support / Re: Where is coach power relay on 1999 Contessa?
« Last post by Lonne Mays on Today at 01:13:56 AM »
Hi Steve, that’s the first place I looked, but there are no relays or solenoids or anything else in my battery bay except batteries. The mass of heavy gauge battery cables disappear out the back of the bay and head towards the engine compartment (under the bed). I suspect if I trace the cables they will lead to a solenoid bolted to the frame near the engine or on the firewall under the foot of the bed. I’m hoping someone knows so I can forgo crawling under the coach in this heat and gravel.
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