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Talk about engineer's not knowing what they design and want the tech's to install and make work. On my 06 Patriot Thunder the utility bay door doesn't swing open it moves out and up, it has to gas struts on it to be able to lift it. A couple years or so ago I had trouble with the door locks, had on that the cheapo rod they install fell off the actuator and I could not unlock the door, even with the key. I had to go to the door next to it and remove the latch post from that side to get the door open. Now back to that very large utility door, if on that door if the latch goes south for any reason there was no way to get that door open because you can not get at the inside of it and the swing arm mounts are inside. To solve this I removed the latch post from the top of the door so now you can not lock it. Some in here were worried that the door would open going down the road, hasn't happened in 3 yrs, it take a real good pull to get it to start to lift.
General Discussion / Re: What is my horsepower?
« Last post by Gerald Farris on Today at 02:53:16 PM »
In very simple terms, if you do not have a DPF (diesel particulate filter) you have a 400HP engine (the good one), but if it has a DPF you have the problematic 425HP engine.

Technical Support / Re: Good Sam tire insurance
« Last post by Gerald Farris on Today at 02:44:13 PM »
Three of the failures were sidewall failures (zipper rips) on the rear tires of my 1993 Patriot that I purchased in 2000. The coach had 4 year old high thread Michelins when purchased, and they all happened within the first 2 years of ownership (2 in the same week), while I was still working and only using the coach for vacations and an occasional weekend. Apparently the previous owner had been running the tires underinflated, and since I was new to RVing, I did not understand the permeant damage that is done to a steel cord body RV/truck tire from underinflation/overloading. Since then, I have had one tire failure in the last 18 years, and that was in 2018 when I hit a piece of metal on the freeway in Tacoma WA. that caused a blowout on the RR outer driver.

General Discussion / Re: What is my horsepower?
« Last post by Dave Atherton on Today at 05:32:17 AM »
Peter, give me your engine serial number located right middle of front timing cover. What the first three prefixes should be for your C-9 9DG or C9S prefix. I Can provide your build date and horse power
Of your engine along with arrangement and spec sheet. Dave Atherton Retired Cat Mechanic
General Discussion / What is my horsepower?
« Last post by Peter Whiting on Today at 05:05:47 AM »
I was looking through the paperwork for our new-to-us 2008 Beaver Contessa and found conflicting information.  There is a data sheet that shows most of the equipment installed at the factory, along with model numbers, etc. The Monaco data sheet states a C9 400 horsepower CAT engine.  However, we also have the window sticker sheet that shows the standard engine as a C9 400 hp but the options list a C9 425hp upgrade for about $8900.  So which is right, the Monaco data sheet (it shows our VIN) or the window sticker sheet?

Is there a way to tell by s/n?
Thanks again Bill.
I believe you showed me that trick in the first "door lock actuator replacement thread".
Snowflakes; No issue when BCS replaced all my actuators.

Mike, Note that the mechanic used a small blac ty rap to secure the linkage
Technical Support / Re: Good Sam tire insurance
« Last post by Daniel McShane on July 11, 2020, 10:53:18 PM »
Gerald it's tire time for me as well and just curious as to what caused your tire failures, 300,000 miles must go back some time!
It is not just coaches and US manufactured cars. It is all manufacturers. The door access opening probably fit very well on a coach several years earlier, and since the inner panel would still fit the door even though the actuator moved due to a parts change, the coach manufacturer saw no reason to change the panel cutting jigs and/or procedure. After all, they were not planning to work on it.

In my previous life I worked at a GM/Nissan dealer, and the year that I retired, Nissan came out with a new Minivan. The procedure required to replace the A/C pressure hose (a fairly common failure) as per the service manual is; step 1. remove the engine, and there was no other way to replace it. The manufacturer saw no reason to make the hose a two piece hose that could be replaced in 30 minutes because the hose went in with the engine and a two piece hose would have added another step in assembly. The end result was that it simplified assembly even though it added thousands to the lifetime maintenance cost. Over the 40 years that I worked on cars, I saw many such "engineering" works of art. If it is not in the manufacturer's best interest, they are not going to change it. 

Welcome to RVs. We all have been complaining about this for years. We have a 1993 which we bought in January 1997. It appears the way they assemble the coach and how it all fits together is for their convenience. Little or no thought is put into HOW will something be worked on in the future. While Beaver (the original company) owned the business they finally had a committee of Beaver owners who interacted with Beaver about how things were arranged and how the coach could be worked on. Mandy Canales and Wally Schmidt were on that committee. Beaver was getting better all the time due to the work of the committee. Then Beaver went bankrupt, was owned by others and well Beaver owners were back to - you get what they build. Even when Monaco owned Beaver and had the once a year - listen to the ladies meeting - nothing seemed to get better.  Hence the creation of the BAC Forum for owners to help other owners.
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