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Technical Support / Any Xantrex 458 20 Inverter/Charger Owners?
« Last post by Jason Worman on Today at 04:13:52 AM »
So I got all new coach batteries and when I turn on charger it hums for a few seconds and stops humming and makes a clunk sound. Charging light stays solid at 12 volts, inverter light blinks and battery indicator stays solid red. I disconnected shore power, shut off 12v breakers and all breakers and let coach sit for several hours. Came back connected shore power and turned on 12v panel and 120v breakers. This time charger hummed longer but eventually made a clunk sound. Same result ie., charger solid green, inverter blinking, battery condition side red. I called Xantrex and they could not help. When I turn charger off, inverter blinks and battery condition goes from red to normal. Batteries all tested fine. No overtemp or overchargewarnings. Anyone had same problem. I miss the nice steady hum. Thanks
David, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I suspected that the system might be airlocked and after reloading 9 gallons of fluid I see the caveat that you shouldn't let it fall below 11 in a 15 gallon capacity or run the risk of an airlock. I need to decide if I want to get the system running or fix the leak, which doesn't leak much, just steady and appears to be pretty inaccessible. A permanent fix may have to wait until winter quarters in California. I may have to find a low pressure air source, my compressor off the coach runs at 105psi and my little Kobalt at 150 psi so I appears I am over gunned at this point. This looks like one of those procedures where a tail with a hand on it would come in handy. I will see if I can procure a cooling system test system.
Bruce, go to and research bleeding the system. Marty

Yes, there are check valves.  From the maintenance manual, page 20:

"Check Valve:
Check valves are installed into the zone outlet ports for each
heating loop to ensure that the antifreeze and water heating
solution only flows in one direction. If the heating solution
attempts to backflow into the boiler tank, the check valve
closes to prevent that from happening.

"Troubleshoot the check valves if the following condition has
 There is a lack of interior heat in a particular zone.

"NOTE: Before Troubleshooting the zone check valve it is
important to remember that if the zone circulation pump is
air locked
, or if there is a kink in a zone heating loop plumbing
line, the customer will experience the same symptoms as
a stuck check valve."

Download the file and go to page 20.  There is more - about 3 pages - on the subject.
Technical Support / No heat from Aquahot at the Furnace Registers
« Last post by Bruce Sieloff on Today at 12:23:50 AM »
Aquahot AHE-100-02S had a coolant loss of about 9 gallons from an unattended leak. After refilling the AH through the filler cap and checking for pressure I now have no heat to the furnace. I tapped the check valves and the pumps seem to be running. I have hot fluid though the hoses outbound from the check valves but still no heat at the heat registers (hoses cold). The shore power electric element is working fine; we have hot water but no furnace heat. Fan switches are on, fans run but blow cold. No heat at any zones so an obstruction in all three is unlikely. Are there check valves downstream from the Aquahot?
Technical Support / Re: Starter for Cummins 8.3
« Last post by Gerald Farris on October 15, 2018, 04:53:26 PM »
The most cost effective way to deal with a starter failure is normally to have it overhauled at a good automotive electrical shop that specializes in starter and alternator rebuilding. A starter can normally, but not always be repaired for half the cost of a new starter, and since the parts fit many applications, the parts are usually in stock.

Technical Support / Re: Starter for Cummins 8.3
« Last post by George Harwell on October 15, 2018, 01:08:05 PM »
Roy, thanks for the update on the starter. I have the same starter on my 350 CUMMINS. Can you post the make, model number and part number of your new starter. I have over 139,000 on my Monterey so like to be prepared when the time comes. Have a great day!
Technical Support / Re: HWH Air leveling stopped working
« Last post by Joel Ashley on October 15, 2018, 11:07:16 AM »
Michael and Leon make a good point, Paul.  Over the years I remember more than a couple of posts here regarding the connector loosening.  Removing the touchpad or a panel should provide access to the connector for an easy connection check.

Technical Support / Re: HWH Air leveling stopped working
« Last post by Leon Scroggins on October 15, 2018, 03:05:49 AM »
I had the same issue. I too unplugged the pin from the back of the control buttons pad and reconnected add alll started working again.
Technical Support / Re: Sink plumbing issue to watch for
« Last post by Joel Ashley on October 15, 2018, 12:56:53 AM »
The topic has come up several times since my experience in 2012.  A representative thread can be seen here:,3537.msg27459.html#msg27459

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