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Just backing up what Steve said.  So many times these or similar symptoms arrive on the Forum, and it usually turns out to be the solenoid in the front electrical bay.  Did you put the diode across the posts in the right direction?  And these solenoids come in different qualities, so even a relatively new one may be at fault.  I’d check it out before anything else.  It also sounds like a breaker or breakers overheating and needing to cool before service restores, but perhaps poor solenoids can behave that way?

Technical Support / Re: 12 v wires in bed room celing
« Last post by Roy 'Chuck' Tyler on Today at 07:09:57 AM »
I have a ceiling fan in my 03 Monterey and there is no wall switch, only a remote to turn it on and off.
Updating outdated link to what seems to be the new intended product.
Technical Support / Re: 12 v wires in bed room celing
« Last post by Jerry Emert on Today at 03:32:52 AM »
Jim, do you actually have that fan?  I looked it on line and it seems to indicate that you have to have a wall switch hooked up.  Apparently the remote just "talks" to the wall switch and not the fan directly.  When I took that CO detector down to check the battery I couldn't help but think those wires would be perfect for a fan.  Thanks
On edit...different fan but question still stands.  Thanks
Looking for part #s for rear calipers and pads for a 2002 Monterey Seaclif. My front caliper # 4153222. Thanks for any help!
James I have a 2002 Monterey and need to replace the rear calipers. Not finding a part # on rear caliper. However front caliper # is 4153222. Do the fronts match yours?? Wondering if they are the same maybe your rear caliper # might be the same??
Technical Support / Re: Solar Panel Control Module
« Last post by Guy Pryor on Today at 02:26:07 AM »
Yes I have removed the panel for the water compartment there is quite a mess of wires in  there and all the modules for the Aladdin system.
But I am not seeing anything for the Solar panel.
Technical Support / Re: Solar Panel Control Module
« Last post by Steve Huber Co-Admin on Today at 01:58:46 AM »
That's where I was suggesting he look. (Mine's there).
Technical Support / Re: Solar Panel Control Module
« Last post by Dan Murphy on Today at 01:30:30 AM »

Have you looked behind the panel in your water compartment. I have to remove a partition by crawling in the rearmost slide and unscrewing a small removable panel and my solar controller is on the ceiling right above the water pump.
Technical Support / Re: 12 v wires in bed room celing
« Last post by Jim Edwards on Today at 01:17:53 AM »
Ok found it. Power is connected to breaker in the main distribution box along with the battery disconnect switches. It is connected to LP/BIRD BOOST circuit breaker. This breaker also powers the LP gas detector. and I assume bird and boost relay. Who would have thunk it but I suppose that it would keep power to the detectors even if coach 12v was turned off.

Looks a if it has enough to power a fan.

As An fyi for those who would like to install a fan, trusty products makes a wireless remote control fan so all that you need is 12v in the celing. no need for 12v to the wall switch and then multi wire cable to fan. part number is 70058NW   
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