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I thought about that Bill.
But I have plenty of room in the basement. No shortage of space on these coaches. And storing it in the basement will keep it clean and out of the sun.

I just need to be careful that I don't muck up the outer edge of the compartment floor sliding it in/out. I give that some more thought.

Plus, once I get the spare, that will practically guarantee me I'll never get a flat.  ;D
But if I do get a flat, I carry the tools to change it - or I can call my Road Service contract and let them install it (and I wont get stuck buying a tire, or tire and wheel, at an inflated price).
Technical Support / Re: Shore power problem
« Last post by Fred Brooks on Today at 09:52:50 PM »
I do not have a picture available and my coach is 18 miles away. The box is approximately 10" by 10" by 4" thick. On my coach it is in the 4th compartment on the passenger side tucked way back the rear mounted on the ceiling or wall. It also is idenified by 3 conduits of wiring going into it. (shore, generator, and the output to the breaker box. Maybe someone out there in Forum land can chime in who owns an 04 Marquis and be more specific. Fred
Technical Support / Re: Shore power problem
« Last post by Robert Mielenz on Today at 09:38:12 PM »
Can you send me a picture of the relay box?  I don't have a clue. Bob
Technical Support / Re: Fantastic Vent Fans
« Last post by Fred Brooks on Today at 09:18:03 PM »
    Scott, you are correct. The orange and white wires are just for the lift motor to raise the lid. The red and white wires are the main 12volt power to the fan for the fan motor, thermostat and the pc board.
   What is strange is why 2 fans would quit being triggered from the multiplex output source. They are both general vicinity so I am wondering if there is an open circuit somewhere between the fans and the multiplex output signal. Fred
Technical Support / Re: Fantastic Vent Fans
« Last post by Scott Shearer on Today at 08:18:06 PM »
If your Marquis is like our Thunder,  the Multiplex switch doesn't supply the power to the fan, it's a one amp switch circuit that triggers the fan controller to raise and lower the lid. Since the green light on your Intellitec module lights, the switch and Intellitec module are probably ok. You might have a bad lift motor or a bad connection at the fan (orange wire I believe). You could also have a bad controller in the fan.
Technical Support / Re: Fantastic Vent Fans
« Last post by Fred Brooks on Today at 07:39:44 PM »

How are you operating the two fans manually? Fred
Make a bracket and hang it on the Hydralift w/your bike??
The compartment on roadside just before the wetbay has a 60" wide swing-up door (tire is 41"). I'll slip in there and stack my supplies on top.
Thanks Mike! Now, where in the heck are you gonna stow that spare tire & wheel?
I'm posting back to confirm that the wheel bore size is 220 mm.

In case anyone is ever looking for a new wheel and comes across this thread. The wheel dimensions above are correct (for either steel or aluminum wheels) for the 2005 Beaver PT.
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