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Technical Support / Re: All up switch for blinds
« Last post by Keith Moffett on Today at 06:06:13 AM »
There was not one on our 02 Marquis!
I am a die hard to the grave Donaldson filter buyer. But.... BUT... lol. After reading this from Dave. I wonder if I should run cat filters and just stick with them on my coach. I run them on all other pieces of equipment, none of them being a CAT.
Technical Support / All up switch for blinds
« Last post by Dwight Lakusta on Today at 05:45:25 AM »
On my 03 marquis ruby 40, I have yet to find the “all up” switch for the blinds. Does this exist on my coach? Or only the never ones? Thanks.
Technical Support / Re: 2007 Beaver Contessa Fuel Gauge Redux
« Last post by Gerald Farris on Today at 04:15:03 AM »
A defective fuel gauge is normally a fairly straight forward repair if you spend a little time diagnosing the issue before you start throwing parts at it. The resistance in the tank unit increases as the fuel level increases. So, for a fuel gauge that pegs full, you check for power at the tank unit, if there is power at the dash gauge but not the tank unit, you have an open circuit. If you have an open circuit, you can look for the open (probably a green and fuzzy terminal at one of the connectors in the LF electrical bay), or just run another wire.

If I remember correctly the sender in a full fuel tank outputs 12v to the guage and the voltage decreases as the fuel level drops. So that indicates your guage sees 12v whenever the ignition is on. I'd check the back of the guage for any loose wires that could be applying 12v. If none, disconnect the wire from the sending unit dverify it has 12v on it (do this with a partially full tank so the expected voltage is <12V). If it doesn't have 12v, you've probably got a faulty guage. If it has 12v, then you need to try to trace the wire to see if you can locate the short. Another more radical approach would be to cut the wire close to the sending unit and see if you have 12V at the sending unit (bad sending unit) or 12 v on the wire, disconnected at both ends (wire shorted to something.)
Not fun..

Thank you for all of the suggestions.  Did I say it was a heavy boat?   About 8,000 lbs boat and trailer.  Trailer is triple axle with electric over hydraulic disc brakes.

Spoke with Beaver Coach sales and they tell me that I can connect a wire to the brake switch located on the firewall and where wire #106 is connected. Run that through shift tower (where ever that is) into the electrical bay.  Then connect that to any of the three wires labeled spare.  Then connect the other end of that spare wire which comes out by taillights to the 7-blade plug for the “brake” connector.  Doing so will activate brakes only when pedal is pushed and not when jake brake is engaged.  They said that the wiring has a couple of diodes between the brake switch and where the wiring ties into the jake brake.

Anybody have photo of the firewAll and/or the brake switch location on the firewall?  They tell me I’ll have to slide the generator out to access. Not sure I can even fit under the coach and don’t want to lift it unless absolutely necessary.
Technical Support / 2007 Beaver Contessa Fuel Gauge Redux
« Last post by William Mellman on Today at 03:08:09 AM »
Thanks to replies to my post searching for replacement gauge last fall, we found one at NW RV. Supply but it failed to solve the problem. At this point, we have tried replacing the sending unit, the ground wire in the system, the gauge (again) and are now trying another sending unit. Has anyone had the problem of the fuel gauge suddenly pegging above full all the time the ignition is on? It returns to empty when ignition is off, but does not drop as the fuel level drops. Would love to hear if anyone else has had or better yet- solved this problem.
Technical Support / Re: flat towing chevy traverse
« Last post by Gerald Farris on July 15, 2019, 09:56:00 PM »
For any tow vehicle that needs fuses pulled to tow, it is fairly simple to get around the issue. All that you need to do is install spade connectors into the fuse receiver with wires attached that have inline fuse holders that run through a toggle switch mounted at the dash. So when you need to tow, just flip the switches off and go. Then, when you are finished towing cut the switches back on.

Technical Support / Re: Driving Hwy 140 from Oregon to Winnemucca Nevada
« Last post by Bill Englund on July 15, 2019, 08:41:24 PM »
We live in Southern Oregon and drive 140 to Winnemucca, NV regularly. Other than long stretches of "nothing", it's no big deal. The grades are actually mild compared to many other highways. There is one grade that lasts a bit, but there is no traffic on this road, so if you are climbing slow, there's usually no one behind you. I wouldn't worry about no cell coverage in areas, if you need help, it's part of the country where people will stop lend a hand. It's just a long distance to anything so people have a different mindset. One time we had to sit on the highway for 20 minutes while a large herd of cattle could be given driven down the road. That's what make 140 unique.
Technical Support / Re: 1999 Beaver Marquis Documents
« Last post by Rick Daniels on July 15, 2019, 06:10:40 PM »
Fred, I couldn't agree more on the dependability of my '99 Marquis.  Are you saying that Marquis diagrams for years "98 to "02 are the same?  Even if, it appears that those are the very years that I have not been able to obtain any diagrams.  To repeat Mike's question; where are they?  Is this a problem with Beaver going into and out of Safari?  If I had them, I would try to post them on "Coach Assist" as I am certain there are still plenty of those year models on the road. 
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