Author Topic: Motorized Replacement for Braund/Concord TV antenna.  (Read 328 times)

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Motorized Replacement for Braund/Concord TV antenna.
« on: February 06, 2019, 08:15:21 PM »
This is cascade of failures week. In replacing the motor for the DTV Antenna we had to rely on the original Batwing we had mounted. The antenna has a motor that allows you to rotate it for best reception from a position inside the coach. Apparently the gears in the motor are stripped, the motor no longer works and the antenna rotates in the slightest breeze; goes up and down but will not turn. All the replacement antennas, King, Winegard, etc. seem to use a through the roof crank to perform the same purpose, which is not what I want to do. I have coax and wiring in place for a motorized unit, I just can't find the right unit. I looked at the Winegard Rayzar, but $400 + install is not what I want to spend for a very occassional use item. The 360 degree Omni directionals don't seem to have the range and all the others seem to require manual pointing using the through the roof method. Has anyone found a motorized direct replacement for the original antenna? I'm all ears.
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