1998 - 2002 Beaver Marquis - 2002 Thunder Brake Servicing Issues


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If you own a late 1998 – 2002 Beaver Marquis or a 2002 Thunder you need to be aware of brake servicing issues. These coaches are equipped with Meritor ADB series brakes (air disc brake). If you use the wrong grease and/or procedure when servicing the brake calipers, the result can be massive and result in the need to repair or replace the entire brake system which can cost up to $8000. The Meritor ADB service manual is available at; http://www.meritorwabco.com/meritorwabco_document/mm4m.pdf . The lubrication instructions start on page 52, however only attempt this service if you are a competent mechanic with the proper equipment.

It is advised that owners of these coaches have their brakes serviced by a technician that is familiar with Beaver Coaches and the Meritor ADB brakes.

It should be noted that the rear brakes wear faster than the front brakes on Beavers equipped with the Meritor ADB brakes.  This is mostly related to the air chambers that were installed on the coaches. The earlier production coaches used T-30 chambers on the rear and T-20s on the front. This set-up caused numerous problems and was changed to T-24s on the front to give more braking on the front wheels. Some owners have changed the T-24 chambers out for T-30s on the front for even more braking on the front wheels, and more even wear between the front and rear wheels.
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