3126 ECM Re-Flash

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We recently purchased a 96 Patriot 33′. As I was going thru the previous owner’s paperwork I noticed he was mandated by the state of California to have his 3126B re-flashed to lower the nox. To improve engine longevity, fuel economy and overall run ability, will a Cat shop re flash it back to the original spec it was designed for? Will additives help engine performance and longevity?


Dave’s Answer:

I would leave the ECM alone.  The 3126B is a very fine trouble-free engine and that change will not benefit your engine operation enough to warrant the cost. My biggest suggestion at take an oil sample at each engine service oil change and build a file that tracks the results as this is the first indication of anything going wrong with your engine. Suggest oil changes around 7,500 miles and use only Caterpillar filters, especially the secondary fuel 1R- 0751 filter. The HEUI injection system does not like dirty engine oil or extended oil changes. CAT does not recommend use of additives.

Dave Atherton Retired Cat Mechanic

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