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Dave Atherton joined the Beaver Ambassador Club in 2015 and has been a great help in tracing down problems with our CAT engines. He has diagnosed several chronic problems and proposed solutions for them.  Here is your chance for him to work for you.  To ask Dave a question use the form shown below.

Dave has worked with diesel engines ever since his vocational training started in high school. He began working for Caterpillar in 1970, where he worked as a field mechanic on heavy equipment. Dave has been schooled by Caterpillar in their in-house training programs on diesel engines, fluid power (hydraulic mechanics),  transmissions, final drives, and air systems.
Dave learned to operate much of caterpillar’s heavy equipment, because he needed to sign off on the repairs that he had done. He also has training in welding, both gas and Tigue. Dave has worked as a master mechanic for a private contractor for 40 years until he retired in 2013. He is still working with Caterpillar part time, and is a consultant on Caterpillar engine problems.

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