Awning Drain for Carefree of Colorado Slide Toppers


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This is an old post on the Forum. We have had drains in our awnings for about 8 years now and there are still trouble free and working each time it rains.  On more than one occasion, when we had a freeze over night after a rain, and were able to get our awnings in with chirping ice or waiting for them to thaw.  See how it is done below.

The puddle of water that gets trapped on top of the awning every time it rains has long aggravated those of us who have Carefree of Colorado Awning toppers. Here is a solution that works and can be done by anyone who has at least some DYI skills.

We will call this the The Bentley’s Self Bailing Awning Topper Solution.  We have done only one awing on our coach at this time, but will soon do all of them.  This has yet to be tested over time but we think that it will last.  The beauty of this fix is that it deploys every time you open the slide with no work on your part.  If you have questions about, or improvements to what we have done, post them on this thread and we will respond to them.

If you can not read the instructions we are working on a better set that we can email to you.  Use the email link with this post.

Hope this works for you


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Awning Drain

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