C9 Idler Wheel Pulley Maintenance


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Question: – Dave, is there a C-9 400 hp mileage at which to change out the idler wheel pulley. We currently have 143k on our Beaver Contessa. With our last Beaver Patriot with a C 7 the idler pulley froze up at 120k. Thanks in advance for the info.


Dave’s Answer: No there is not. One of Caterpillar’s better ideas ( not ), was placing a sealed bearing on on-road engines and off-road heavy equipment.  The pulley bearing has been a very common failure point on CAT engines.

You can correct the problem by by putting a grease fitting at the shaft and  bearing.  To do this remove the  pulley from the shaft and drill a hole down the center of shaft about 1 1/2 inches,  then drill a hole 3/16 diameter at a right angle to meet the shaft hole. Drill that one half way through. This will allow grease in between both bearings and pulley.  Tap thread  the 3/16 hole for a 1/8 grease zerk fitting.  Any good machine shop should be able to do the job in 45 minutes. It’s a good idea to install a new pulley  with the addition of the lube point.


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