CAT Engine Failure and How to Avoid it.


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Question: How to avoid CAT engine failures?

Dave’s Answer: We recently had a BAC member that had a CAT engine failure.  The quote for repair at a CAT dealer was over $37,000. and that was just the start, the final bill would have been a lot more.
The news of an engine failure and the large amount of money that CAT dealers charge to repair them sends a message to many BAC members, “Who is next, and how can I avoid costly repairs?” Here is the message that I would like to relate to everyone. Yes like anything, diesel engines do fail, and it is the lack of understanding how the engine operates, and service shops that do not have your best interest at hand, that can be a real problem for BAC members. Let’s not beat yourself up over this because we are not mechanics, but in today’s changing world asking for assistance from fellow BAC member is what today’s Internet is all about. I am going to post several possible engine problems that are prone to happen, and recommend how to address the problem, or better yet, how to avoid them completely.  I want to make it very clear that Caterpillar engines are not problematic. Eighty percent of all engine failures are diesel fuel related and can be avoided with proper education. I do not want to start members worrying who is next. The sky is not falling. With the proper help and advice we can avoid engine failure. The BAC forum has provided help to members with opinions and factual information about CAT engines.  The new technical support area and Ask Dave column on the BAC web site, the BAC forum, and diesel seminars at BAC Rallies also help address these problems.  Your education begins here with several articles to help you understand diesel engines and how they work.


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