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Both the Magnum chassis and the Monaco Roadmaster chassis with a multiplexed electrical system have a headlight circuit wiring design that results in low voltage being applied to the headlights. 9 volts or less will not provide sufficient brightness from headlamps designed to operate on 12 volts. The original design has the 12 volts for the headlights routed through the headlight and dimmer switches, reducing the resultant voltage due to resistance of the switches and the wire connections needed.

A simple modification was developed to alleviate the problem. Relays are added to apply battery voltage to the headlights for both high and low beam. The relays are controlled by the high and low beam signals from the dimmer switch. Step by step instructions and an installation video (Magnum chassis version) are available in the Coach Link Assist section of the BAC Forum.

To access information in the Coach Link Technical library;
1.   Log in to the Forum
2.   Page down to General Boards and select Private BAC Members Only board.
3.   Select Link to Coach Assist: Owners and Equipment Manuals.
4.   Select underlined hyperlink. This will take you to the list of manuals.
5.   Select the document you want and click it to open the document.

(The Headlight Fix section is near the end of the Manual list).


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Dim Headlights

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