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Question: Do I need to include my engine serial # in Ask Dave questions and when I go to the Cat parts counter?

Dave’s Answer: Caterpillar Engines built and tested are assigned a Serial number and Arrangement number, called an A/R number.  This A/R number is a build sheet for this engine including engine specification settings, parts, and filters. For example, if your Caterpillar engine serial number is 2KS27875 and the Arrangement number is 169-5159, the engine has 410 hp.  The secondary fuel filter is a 116-5410 filter base that provides the cover and seal when no priming pump is required for use with metric fuel filter base and the fuel filter group. (Cannot be used with fuel priming pumps.)

Another example: Caterpillar engine serial number is 2KS89983 and the Arrangement number is 198-3653 . The engine has 505 hp.  The secondary fuel filter is116-5411 with a pump group priming hand pump (for use with 130-0780, also an attachment ).

What does all of this is mean? We have 2 Caterpillar engines both with the serial number of 2KS but the Arrangement number is different for each engine.  In first example, secondary fuel filter is a bleed fuel filter with a hand priming pump and the other example, that engine cannot use hand priming pump. (Note, all Caterpillar engines have a Hex plug on secondary fuel filter base to bleed air from fuel system.)

For example the attached picture shows in the box on the right, that a hand primer pump is used to aid in filling the fuel filter on C12 engines except those with a serial number prefix and area engine of 8YF to 2KS and up. Not all engines of a given type use the same components. It depends on serial and AR number.


Any Question for “Ask Dave” should include your engine serial number as the above examples show. Caterpillar engines are different when the Arrangement Number is assigned to the engine at testing prior to shipment.  By including your complete engine serial number, the build date of engine and the assigned A/R for engine can be determined. This engine information will provide specifications, settings, attachments as shipped.

This is also important when going to a Caterpillar Dealer to get parts for your engine. If you request part XYZ for your C-12 engine, the parts counter person may state that their parts book shows 8 XYX parts for your C-12; which one do you want?  If you go to same part counter and ask for XYZ part for a Caterpillar C-12 serial number 2KS89983 and Arrangement number 198-3653, the parts man would give you the correct part instead of trying to guess from 8 parts for different serial all numbers etc.


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