Intermittent Shutdown

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I have a 2006 Monterey Laguna IV with a Cat C9. I’ve had a few recent events where while warming up everything just shut down- almost as if the key had been turned off. Just turning the key off and on again everything came back up like normal. Not knowing if this was anything serious, we set out on a trip of 200 miles. On the way we had at least three events where just like before it looked like everything just shut off for a second or less. But since we were rolling, everything came back up and appeared to be running normally. I didn’t have to stop, restart or even slow down. Then everything seems perfectly normal until it happens again. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Dave’s Answer:

First check the key ring weight as significant weight can cause the ignition switch to intermittently fail and cut power to the ECM. There is a CAT service bulletin out on this. It could also be the Injection Actuation Pressure Sensor or the Atmosphere Pressure Sensor starting to fail. Both sensors are 5 volt and share the same signal wire from the engine ECM.

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