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Ask Dave Topic Index:

  • About Dave Atherton
  • CAT Engine Concerns and Issues
    • 3126B ECM Re-Flash
    • C9 Turbo Problem
    • C9, C13, C15 Regeneration System
    • C9 Regeneration Failure Problem
    • C9 Rough Idle
    • C9 Engine Surge
    • C9 Low Boost Pressure; Code 25-102-1
    • Oil Change Interval for HEUI (3126 – C9) Engines
    • C12 Won’t Start
    • C12 ECM Upgrades
    • C13 Low Power and Fuel Mileage
    • Importance of Unrestricted Air Flow to Engine
    • Fuel and Oil Additives
    • C12 Valve Lash and PM Schedule
    • Starting Fluid Warning
    • Failing Injector; Code 164-11
    • It’s Not Always Bad Injectors
    • “Bulletproofing” Your HEUI Engine
    • High  Exhaust Gas Temperatures
    • Engine Selection
    • Charged Air Cooler Leak and Low Power
    • C12 Black and White Smoke
    • Intermittent Shutdown
    • How Do I Read the Flash Codes for My Engine
  • Engine Related Parts
    • Boost Pressure Regulator
    • Muffler Change
    • Engine Parts & AR / Serial Numbers
  • Cooling System
    • No Temperature Showing On Dash Gauge
    • C9 Clogged Water Pump Port Location
    • Failing Thermostat
    • Fan Not Running
    • Hydraulic Fan Motor Replacement
    • 3126 Running Hot
    • Engine Coolant
  • Fuel Systems
    • HEUI Fuel Transfer Pump (3126 – C9)
    • Water/Fuel Filter Glass Bowl Not Filling with Fuel
    • C9 & C12 Fuel Pump Comparison
    • No Start Due to Plugged Check Valve
  • Oil Samples
    • Oil Sample
    • Do I Need to Take Oil Samples
    • High Sodium and Potassium in Oil Sample
  • Exhaust Brake
    • Exhaust Brake Use
    • Compression & Exhaust Brake Operation
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