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ice maker solenoid

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Thomas Fadale:
Need help locating a replacement for our 1998 Marquis dometic icemaker solenoid. Contacted Dometic did not receive any help. Anny ideas?

Bill Lampkin:
I've replaced those ice maker solenoids on a couple of RVs and the house fridge too. Just take your solenoid to an appliance parts house and they can find one that will work. 120v, 1/4" tube fittings. Around $100.

Bill Lampkin:

Joel Ashley:
If the solenoid is ignored during winterization, the latent water trapped inside it can freeze and crack its plastic housing.  Just removing and draining or blowing out the in and out lines won’t clear the solenoid itself.  The device needs to be cycled to open its valve so water can discharge.  You can manually cycle it via the ice maker timer, but there’s a trick to that.  Applying 12 volts to the solenoid’s + and - male connectors while applying air may be easier, and avoids having to remove the “pink stuff” antifreeze option from the ice maker or its filter later.


Fred Brooks:
   I think Joel meant to say "apply 120 volt a/c power to the solenoid" will open the valve to let the non-toxic pink antifreeze thru the supply line to the harvester to winterize it. These valves are available at any appliance repair parts store. They range in price from $20.00 to $50.00. It does not have to come from Norcold or Dometic as they are not the manufacturer.


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