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Upholstery Service around Palm Desert CA?

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Michelle Jensen:
We are looking to have our couch re-upholstered while in the Palm Desert CA area and are wondering if anyone has a place they would recommend?  It doesn't have to be exactly in Palm Desert.  Thanks for any help.


1998 Beaver Patriot Ticonderoga 37'
CAT 3126 330 HP

Bryan Beamon:
Michelle,  we used The Recovery Room in Riverside for our pilot and copilot seats and dining room chairs along with our euro chair. There is a great rv park close by in Rancho Jurupa which is a Riverside county park.

Michelle Jensen:
Thank you!  We will definitely look into it  :)

David T. Richelderfer:
Thank you, Michelle.  You got me thinking about getting our two RV seats recovered.  We live in our Winter home in Yuma and spend our Summers in Eastern Oregon.  Over the past few years, I have been a party to several conversations regarding seat covers, upholstery recovering, bbq covers, etc., and I think I will remove my seats to take them into Los Algodones, Mexico for recovering next year.  These several conversations have indicated upholstery recovering prices in Mexico to be similar to dental and other doctoring prices, that being 20% to 30% compared to in the USA.

Michelle Jensen:
Thank you David for your help.  Currently we don't have passports to go to Mexico but I will definitely keep it in mind for the future.  Just out of curiosity, where to you stay in Eastern OR?  I've lived pretty much my whole life in OR.  In fact we just sold our house in Redmond [Cntrl OR] last year.


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