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delco speaker replacement 97 monterey


Bob chambers:
has any one replaced the 6 delco speakers in ceiling ? they say 10 ohm, and I am having a hard time finding some 5 1/4 delco # 16163615..... maybe 8 ohm speaker with a 2ohm resistor?

Eric Maclean:
The reason they used 10 ohm speakers up front is that the two right hand and the two left hand speakers are wired in parallel which makes them effectively one 5 ohm speaker.
In my 1997 I have the Pioneer stereo and had the delco speaker .I replaced the speaker with 8 ohm speakers and reused the smaller tweets which are mounted right beside each speaker as well as the original speaker covers so it looks S it always did with no adverse effects it all works well.
Hope this helps

Bob chambers:
thanks for the reply i was going to replace all 6 with  a newer 8 ohm but wasn't sure if i needed to add a resistor to each

Steve Huber Co-Admin:
Your only risk is overloading/blowing the output transistors if you turn the volume way up for an extended period.


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