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2006 PT 525 Front Wheel Center Hub Cap

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Kevin Carson:
Lost one.  Any idea where to find another one?

Mike Shumack:
Try Northwest RV Supply.
The Cap and the Emblem are sold separately.
Note - verify the size. Don't order based on my link

Jerry Carr:
Beaver Coach in Bend did have them in stock when we still had our 06 PT they are roadmaster centers that have a glue transfer on them

Bill Lampkin:
Don't forget the nachos (notches) in the cap. The notches fit over clips on the wheel, and your cap could have 4,5, 6 (even or uneven) notches. Like Mike said, check first!

Eric Maclean:
As you mentioned you need to know the size and number of notches but this might help.

Hope this helps


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