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Toad For Sale
« on: July 03, 2024, 05:21:29 AM »
We're letting our very dependable and economical toad go.  It's all set up for being towed.  We bought it in 2016 and have paid attention to every little thing that it needed.  We're on our 2nd "extended" warranty from Ford and they have been great about fixing or replacing all covered items.  The original color is Storm Grey, but has a vinyl wrap to match our 06 Beaver Monterey.  The vinyl wrap is starting to show signs of age, but still cleans up nicely.  It's got a "Stay'N'Play" breaking system that only requires flipping 2 switches to get it working.  No messing with the brake actuator.  It's got 109K miles on it and year-old tires.  We'll even throw in an outdoor cover for it. Asking $8,000.
2006 Monterey
C9 400hp
2014 Ford Fiesta with matching vinyl wrap