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paint color number and where to buy paint

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Gregory J Dugre:
I have a 2006 Beaver Monterey with the Blackstone color scheme. there is damage to the rear cap that i'm planning on repairing but I don,t know where to find the paint chip number or the best place to purchase paint for the job.
Thanks in Advance

Steve Huber Co-Admin:
Use your refrigerator outside panel if it contains the color.

David T. Richelderfer:
On our 2004 Marquis, the exterior paint colors and their "part numbers" are printed on a sheet and affixed on the back of a kitchen cupboard door.  And as Steve pointed out, usually all the exterior colors are painted onto the exterior access panel behind the fridge.  If you do not find the colors elsewhere and the color is on the access door, then take the access door behind the fridge to the paint shop.  The exterior paint colors on our Marquis were made by BASF/Diamont.  I believe BASF/Diamont was required to stop that paint formulation though.  Several years ago I got four pints of our four exterior colors for touch-up purposes from the local paint supplier to the Beaver/Monaco manufacturing facility in Bend, OR.

Richard Davis:
I have attempted to attach the Diamont formula page for the Blackstone color scheme.  Hope it is readable.

Jerry Carr:
On our 06 we did touch up 3-4 times the BCS did a great job of matching using the local paint shop in Bend


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