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Cathi Stark:
Current plans for Rallies in 2024 - Just a few I know about
Arabian Nights with BAC - Indio California in conjunction with the FMCA Western Area Rally Jan 7-14
Rockin' in the Q - Boondocking in the BLM land south of Quartzsite - Join friends around the nightly camp fire and share meals Jan 16-20
It's Las Vegas, Baby! International Rally  - 5 nights in Las Vegas with lots of fun activities April 29-May 4

Those three are all open for registration. See the BAC Website for links to register and more information. All three of these rallies can handle a large number of participants.

Plan ahead and save the dates:
Bright Lights to Star Light - Following the Las Vegas Rally, journey up to a spot between Zion and Bryce where you can explore the national parks, watch the stars and share time with friends, new and old. May 4-8 with the opportunity to follow along behind the Starks as we explore some of the other parts of Utah before ending up at Mesa Verde in Colorado.

Unnamed Rally - Rolling from the Central Valley of California to Redmond Oregon for the FMCA Convention. This is still in the early planning stages.  FMCA's 109 Convention will  be in Redmond Oregon August 14-17.  We may meet up in Sacramento, points south or points north.  Travel together to Redmond.  I hope others will plan additional rallies coming from East, West and North  and we can all meet up together for a BAC rally within the FMCA Rally. We may plan to arrive early so we can help with security for the Convention.    Still a work in progress -

September in Tennessee - Currently unnamed, but this is the location of the BAC Fall International rally late in September.  Additional information will be coming on the next Beaver Tales.

There are probably plans for many more rallie sin 2024.  I hope more people will list furture rally plans, no matter what stage in planning.  All the suggestions might trigger an excitment to plan even more rallies.  You ALL COME!

Please add to this subject with information about other rallies
Cathi Stark

Giovanni Bosch:
We would love to attend if our rig is ready by the Vegas trip, that sound awesome!

Is there anyway to know if there are people from Houston or Texas attending? Would be nice to get a caravan going that way.

Cathi Stark:
Modification from the previous list of rallies 
Indio was cancelled for 2024, but we are on track for January 2025. Theree is a Rally within a Rally at Redmond in conjunction with the FMCA Convention.  Register now with FMCA for 30 amp and the BAC rally will be announced within a couple of weeks.  Two of us will be traveling from Sacramento up to Chiloquin OR for three nights prior to the FMCA event.  This will be a gathering but there are 6 sites reserved at the Waterwheel RV park.  Contact me if you are interested.
In August 2025 there will be a "Quartzsite North" in Chetwynd British Columbia.  This is still under developement but we wanted any Alaska travelers to be aware of the potential for a rally about mid August.Chetwynd is famous for chain saw carvings and close proximity to Mile One on the Alaska Highway. This will also allow Canadians to have a rally "at home".

After the FMCA convention there will be time to travel east to one or more ofthe three rallies in Nebraska.  There will be a rally in Myrtle Beach and then make your way to the BAC International rally in Sieverville, followed by a rally in the Smoky Mountains.

Many opportunties to gather with other BAC members.  You can plan an activity in your area if none of these are convenient.  Contact me, Cathi Stark or the VP for the area in which you would like to plan a rally.  We are all happy to help.

Cathi Stark:
Giovanni Bosch - you have great instincts.  The posting on the Forum was good, but a quick email to a VP would have gotten you better results.  You can find email addresses in the Beaver Tales, or just reach out to me. When anyone thinks of a plan like this, we can help it come together, so you could have rolled to Las Vegas with new friends.  You could have also contacted the Rally Masters for information about who else might be coming from your area. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Las Vegas in just a few days.  Cathi


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