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Bob Disney:
We are planning to spend time in Quartzite this coming winter, but it seems that we wont be able to arrive by the time the rally is over.
Possibly arrive the last day.
Do a number of attendees stick around in the same place after the rally? We hope to be there in time for the big tent, while awaiting friends to show up out there by the end of January.
We have been to a few Beaver rallies and know a few members,

Bob and Kathy Disney

Bill Lampkin:
Last year, several rigs stayed for a few days after the rally ended  enjoy!

Bob Disney:
Hope to see you all there

Bob Disney:
Exactly where is the camp spot for the Quartzite gathering?
I looked for it last time I was there and couldn't find it
We stayed at Scadden wash last time

Fred Brooks:
   Head south on Arizona highway 95 about 5 1/2 miles from main street until you come to a right hand turn pocket. Turn right and stop so you can fill out a BLM registration. Then follow the dirt road west about 3/4 mile and watch for the "Beaver rally" signs along the way. You'll see our Beaver coaches. Fred


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