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Bob Dunlap:
Our 06 Beaver Monterey Ventura !V has the original Norcold 1200 LRIM fridge.  We have never achieved sufficient cooling in the freezer or fridge compartments.  It's had the recall performed by Beaver in Bend. We've had baffles replaced and cooling fans replaced.  Our last trip, we had no cooling is the fridge and 30 in the freezer.   We'd like to keep the original unit because the size is just right for us and we don't want the installation difficulties and electrical requirements of a residential unit.
We recently were told of JC Refrigeration in Shipshewana, Indiana who will upgrade the cooling system with  dual cooling units.  They state they achieve 0 to 10 degrees in the freezer and 30 to 40 in the fridge.  The cost is about 1/3 of a replacement Norcold unit.  I'd like to see if any other members have experience  with this modification before I make the 1400 mile trip to have this done.

Joel Ashley:
Both of our motorhomes used Dometics, and the only issues I had were caused by me, except that I added a rear vent fan kit to our previous coach’s fridge, and it helped cooling a lot.  Our Beaver is the same model as yours, but we have an original equipment Dometic NDA1402.  It has been great.  Something over 13cf capacity.  It fits in an opening that’s approx. 32 1/8” wide by 63” high, and if that’s about what yours is, consider a similar current Dometic model as an option;  the 1402 is likely not made anymore.  Ours has a handy ice dispenser option in the freezer door;  some may have water in the door as well.

Otherwise I’ve read that the “Amish” cooling unit is a good replacement, assuming the only issue with yours is cooling and not electronic or something else.


Gene Obie:
You might look at the newer 12V compressor fridges as opposed to electric/gas absorption type as a residential alternative. They are putting these in many new pull behinds and i've heard good things but no personal experience. Of course they are also putting 200W solar on these units so you would need to do some power calcs if you off-grid camp a lot.

Steve Huber Co-Admin:
I second Gene's comments but if you go the residential route you should have a pure sine wave inverter to avoid control board failures (based on experience with a Samsung unit).

Bill Lampkin:
18 cu ft residential fridge fits . Ours is a Fisher paykel. Replaced inverter with pure sine wave unit.  Not hard to do. Go residential, you won't regret it.


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