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Scott Shearer:
Is anyone else having an issue with the Topic "Notify" feature? The feature that sends an email when a specific topic has been updated. I haven't received any update emails for watched topics since February. I receive other emails from BAC. There is nothing in my junk or spam mail.


Joel Ashley:
Come to think of it I used to get notifications automatically, but haven’t for awhile.  Since you bring it up, I now note a “notify” button above message fields, a button that either wasn’t there or I simply never paid attention to before.  If I reply and participate in a thread, that button goes to “unnotify”, implying there’s an automatic feature… apparently it’s not working.

I’ll have to check my personal profile settings to see if there is a long-forgotten all-inclusive notifications option that got inadvertently shut off.


Addendum:  upon review of profile content, apparently there is no automatic notifications option for posts we aren’t actually participating in, unless we press the “notify” button when reading a thread.

Scott Shearer:
Yes, the notify button when reading or updating a topic (thread). For instance, this topic. I've clicked the Notify button but have not received any emails.

It's handy when wanting to follow a thread.

Joel Ashley:
Yup, if it was working you should've received an emailed notification of my reply.


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