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It was a shocking experience


Don Forsyth:
I have a 2005 Beaver Monterey Laguna VI 40’ coach with CAT C9 400.
About three weeks ago I went to the storage lot to check on things and runt the engine and generator. Chassis batteries were dead and house batteries had just enough juice to start the generator. I let the generator run for about an hour to see if it would bring up the chassis enough to start the CAT but no go. I wound up jumping it off the car. I let it run for a while and then shut it off.
I brought the coach home about a week ago and plugged it into the 30amp wall outlet in the garage and ran the extension cord out to the dog bone connector. I checked the Xantrex display and it showed charging and I could hear the inverter running. I kept it connect a couple of days.
During this time I needed to change the fittings on top of the Hydro Hot because I had a bit of a leak there. Sitting on the ground (side walk) and leaning against the frame and working on the fittings, I felt like I leaned against something sharp and it poked at me. I looked but didn’t see anything and kept working. I bumped up against the frame a couple of more times and still the same thing. I finished and decided to put some water in the fresh water tank. I connected the hose in the wet bay and let it run for a few minutes. While that was going on I went the check the air pressure in the tires on the curb rear. Reached in with the tire gauge and ZAP, I got shocked through the tire gauge. I am kneeling on the grass and it is a little wet, so I figured I must have grounded myself. I think it was maybe 12 volts because I know what 110 volts feels like. I finished checking the air there but I had to hold onto the rubber on the gauge. I went the check the others and I got a little shock from them but not like the back one.
So, now I am stumped, why am I getting shocked at all? We completed a month and a half long trip in February and everything in the coach was working perfectly. It has been in storage ever since.
So does anyone have any ideas? I don't know where to even start looking.
Thank you, Don Forsyth

Steve Huber Co-Admin:
Sounds like you are missing a ground. First I'd check to be sure you have ground coming out of the 30A shore connector. Then check the end of the dog bone connector. If you've got a surge protector, it should alert on a missing ground. If everything checks out so far, the fault is in the RV itself. Check your A/C outlets to be sure they have ground. If not, unplug from shore power and check with the geni running. If OK then, the  problem may be at the transfer switch or between it and the plug at the end of your shore power cable. Harbor Freight and other hardware stores sell outlet checkers that come in handy for this type of work.

Don Forsyth:
Thank you Steve, I have used that same cord several times before, but never experienced anything like that. I know the ground prong is broke off on it. I will bring the RV home and try a different cord that I know has a good ground. Hopefully that is what it is. Then put a new plug on the other cord. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.


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